There are many, many things that riders consider when they’re looking for a new ride. Of course, many of these come down to personal preference, but it’s also true that certain groups of persons are likely to choose a specific sort of ride. Somebody who uses their bike for commuting is going to have a different set of desires as compared to somebody who wants to leave it all on the track every Saturday and then drive their minivan full of children around the rest of the week.

Likewise, if you’re a female rider, it’s very likely that you have specific preferences when it comes to your bicycle. There are many things that women need to consider when looking for a bike that may be less important to their male counterpart/not occur to the man at all. While both men and women are likely interested in a potential bike’s reliability and fuel efficiency, we’ve talked to many lady riders and these are the top 5 things that women want in a bike.

1. Comfort is King

While it’s doubtful that many men go around looking for an uncomfortable bike, women have specific challenges where this department is concerned. Namely, the most comfortable motorcycle to ride is going to be the motorcycle that fits your body the best.

Basically, you definitely don’t want to be standing on your tip-toes when you’re at a red light and waiting to shift back up into first. Since women tend to be smaller-framed than men are generally, this can result in some consternation when shopping for bikes. Namely, women tend to prefer bikes that have lower seats and have smaller frames as they’re simply more comfortable and easier to control.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that women should completely shy away from larger bikes entirely. It just requires more practice.

Comfort also has a lot to do with the position that you’re in and the length of time that you are riding. Again, being on a bike that is too big for your frame is a major problem, but so is getting the wrong sort of bike for the wrong sort of riding. That is, you probably don’t want to be going on a long-distance tour with a zippy sport bike where you’re in a bent position for several hours. Even a bike that fits you well can become uncomfortable if used improperly.  

2. Performance is Still Important

It’s not that men don’t care about performance. It’s that men tend to care more about performance than most women do. Again, since women have issues with the sizes of many bikes, the ladies tend to look toward ergonomics before performance and are less likely to let engine size be a deciding factor in their pick.

But this doesn’t mean that women are only looking at the lower CC categories when they’re buying a motorcycle. It just means that they are less likely to bite off more than they can chew. (Face it: many men in particular are likely to try and buy the most powerful bike that they can get their hands on as their first ride. More often than not, this decision is at least moderately regretted. Very few people look back at their motorcycle history and go, “Gee. I really wish I had gotten a more powerful bike at a time when I barely was able to shift it.”)

3. Value is Key

Women are stereotypically the “shoppers” in the battle between the sexes, and where motorcycles are concerned it’s no different. When polled, women tend to rate value a bit higher than their male counterparts (who may indeed be more easily parted from their cash if something looks a bit flashy or makes louder engine noises).

While appearance may be important to a woman on a bicycle, guaranteed it’s second-in-line to the perceived value of her potential motorcycle purchase. When polled, women also tend to take a longer time to make a final decision when it comes to purchasing a bike. They are also very, very likely to drive a hard bargain!

4. However, Appearance is Important, Too!

The best looking motorcycle for women is definitely a matter of taste, the same as where clothing and accessories are concerned. Obviously, some riders just generally prefer the look of cruisers while others may prefer the vintage feel of a cafe racer or what have you. While women put less emphasis on the appearance of their rides as compared to their male rider counterpart, this is still a sticking point and so long as the appearance comes along with appropriate value, women dig looking hot on their rides just as much as the men do.

(Psst! A great way to ensure not only a great look but a custom look is to check out the myriad of motorcycle accessories out on the market as well as aftermarket mods! This is a wonderful way to get a great look at a lower price)

5. Make it Reliable

Let’s face it: having something go haywire on your car is bad enough, but having something go haywire on your motorcycle is probably about 10 times worse. At minimum.

Again, women tend to be the smarter shoppers where the sexes are concerned… or at least ones that are willing to do more research. Particularly when purchasing a high-value item like a motorcycle, women tend to do a lot of research to figure out which bikes are top-notch in their mechanical performance.

There are many other things that women are looking for when they’re seeking out a ride, however. Women also highly value fuel efficiency (again with an eye on value), and many are also looking for a ride with a reasonable amount of storage capacity. Additionally, brand does matter to a lot of ladies, and there are plenty who become devotees of brands like Harley-Davidson or BMW.

If you’re looking to get a more custom ride, make sure to do research on the best accessories for your motorcycle. Particularly if you’re seeking greater storage capacity for your bike, there’s tons of ways to make that happen.