How do I get my wife/girlfriend/daughter/etc. to love riding motorcycles?

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You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and the same goes for riding motorcycles. If you want her to love it, make sure her first experience is a positive one. The first step in doing that is to make her comfortable!

Like so many of us, you might have learned to ride a motorcycle wearing borrowed gear dug out of the back of someone’s garage. It was probably uncomfortable, ill-fitting and smelled funny… and if you’re like me, you loved every minute of it. For the diehards, it doesn’t much matter what is going on around us, any experience on a bike is a great one. But for many others, they will need to find comfort in approaching an otherwise intimidating sport.

If you want your loved one to enjoy being a part of what you love, it’s your job to make their experience a positive one. To reiterate step one: make her comfortable!

With the amount of women’s gear that is currently on the market, designed for women by women, there is no reason for lady riders—even first-timers—to suffer with ill-fitting gear. If you put her in your old boots that are too big and a tent of a riding jacket that makes her feel like she’s wearing a clown suit, you’re already on the back foot. Start out on the right foot with proper-fitting gear. She’s bound to have a better day when she’s looking good and feeling good!

Getting kitted out with motorcycle gear doesn’t need to break the bank, and here is an example of how you can get started at three different levels: Minimum (around $350), Midpoint, (around $550) and Premium (just under a cool G)!


How fun is this look? There are actually many options at this price range, but this particular outfit goes to show the variety of styles. It’s not all slick Matrix-looking black gear. You could go from hipster to trucker to Indiana Jones. Check out Speed and Style for more unique options. Lots of cool styles to choose from that won’t break the bank!


Even more style options here, you’ll find plenty to choose from. This jacket in particular comes in three different colors, and will ensure she can feel the breeze on a warm day while staying protected. Full protection and comfort at a great price and clean, tailored style.


Want gear that looks so good it doesn’t even look like riding gear? Meet the Alpinestars Alice Leather Jacket. The contoured premium leather in both black and green look hot enough for a night on the town! The thermal hooded vest adds to the look, and to the versatility with better cold-weather comfort. Pair it with the Stella Courtney Denim Pants and Alpinestars Stella Vika V2 Waterproof Boots to complete this stunning look. With comfort and performance to match the stylish appeal of this Alpinestars kit, she’ll be eager to get on the road!

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