If you know anything about sportbikes, you know that the Suzuki GSX-R 600 is one of the most popular bikes EVER. Honestly, even if you don’t know anything about sportbikes, you still likely have heard the name Suzuki GSX-R 600, which goes to tell you that this bike has obviously built a reputation for itself since it was introduced to the masses back in the early 90’s. While the early models had a short life on dealer floors (1992-1993), the little brother of the popular GSX-R 750 and1000cc models made its return in 1997, redesigned and equipped with Suzuki’s Ram Air Direct intake system that carried over unchanged until 2000. Since its re-introduction, the GSX-R 600 has received numerous redesigns and upgrades over the years which have kept it at the forefront of sportbike technology even to this very day.

Obviously, it has become a favorite amongst sportbike enthusiasts, with numerous owners groups and a strong cult following who live and breathe everything GSX-R 600, meaning that thousands of them are on the road today. Whether they’re used as commuter bikes, weekend stress relief or the machine of choice for racers and track riders, they need to be maintained to ensure a long life of riding enjoyment for their owners. Whether you’re a new motorcycle owner and don’t know where to start or what to get, or you’re a veteran owner and just want to find the best parts available, we’ve got you covered here at BikeBandit.

Buyers Guide for Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
To ensure you can keep your Suzuki GSX-R 600 on the road or track for as long as possible, we’ve put together a great list of best selling items that owners regularly source from us for all of their maintenance needs. From Wheel Bearings to Windscreens or Brake Pads to Tank Pads, we’ve got everything you need for your bike.


gsxr 600 buyers guide

If this is what your tires look like, it’s likely that mileage isn’t quite as important as grip through the corners. Either way, we’ve got the tires you need at the prices you want with free shipping to boot.

When it comes to most searched items for the GSX-R 600, tires are always at the top of the list. Some want a tire that offers great wear characteristics for a long life of commuting mixed in with weekend adventures, and some owners want maximum traction with no worry about longevity. Regardless of which you’re looking for, we’ll keep you on the road and a smile on your face with our HUGE tire selection. One of the most popular tires with our commuter motorcyclist is the Michelin Pilot Power 3. Their dual-compound construction features a soft compound on the sides for excellent cornering ability and a medium center compound for long straight line life. How Long? Customer Aaron F claims “10,000 miles on my rear tire with aggressive, daily twisties and passing cars on my daily commute, 20,000 miles when I rode 90% on the freeway.” Those are some hard numbers to beat.
If mileage is of no concern for you and you’re looking for a tire that you can put 100% faith in as you’re practically laying down in the corners, you’ll love the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V3 tire. Similarly constructed with a 3-part, dual-compound construction, this tire was made to be ridden hard. BikeBandit customer Luis M raved about them in a review that was left on our site. “they might be a little expensive but they are well worth it for the amount of confidence they give you took them straight to the twisties as soon I had them put on and they just hooked up the entire time.” Want even more choices? We’ve got great selections from Bridgestone, Metzeler, Avon, Dunlop, Continental, Shinko and more to choose from so feel free to take a look at what best suits your riding needs and budget.


As easy as it is to do, you should be checking your brake pad thickness on a regular basis. If you find yourself going through brake pads faster than you think you should, you might be hard on your brake system and need to upgrade your pad material for increased stopping power.

Braking Systems
Brake pads and other brake components other parts that are high on the list of in-demand and highly searched items at BikeBandit. The brake pads that come installed on the GSX-R 600 are good for the average rider, but when you start pushing the limits of the bike, you need to start looking at upgrading parts like your brake system. Simple upgrades would be to replace your brake pads with these Braking Sintered Hi Performance Compound CM66 Brake Pads. These pads are designed for aggressive riding and will provide consistent braking feel even under high demand where other brake pads would start to heat up and fade. Other brands like EBC, Galfer, DP, SBS, and others also have their own selection of brake pads to meet the demands of your aggressive riding style or stock replacement needs.
Pads aren’t the only thing you can upgrade in your braking system. The stock rubber brake lines are known to expand when under pressure, even more so when the bike is older. The popular upgrade is to replace the bulging brake lines with steel braided brake lines that won’t allow the line to flex under pressure. Galfer makes a great set of lines that you can get in a variety of colors to give your motorcycle a little customization. In addition to Galfer, we also offer a selection of steel braided brake lines from Goodridge that perform just as good as Galfer, so know that you have options. On a side note; if you do end up replacing your brake lines for increased performance, you’ll also want to flush out and/or upgrade your brake fluid. Need recommendations on this? Be sure to check out our Motorcycle Brake Fluid Crash Course video here, and you’ll find all of the best brake fluids you’ll need right here.


Neglect your chain and sprockets long enough and this could be you stranded on the side of the road.

Chains / Sprockets
So far we’ve talked tire and brakes and up next is your drivetrain. When you think about it, your chain and sprockets get put through some serious abuse from the torque of the engine when you’re rolling on the throttle from a dead stop or even as you’re riding. Take into consideration the road grime that gets kicked up and sticks to your chain accelerating the wear of both. This is why we recommend inspecting and maintaining your chain on a regular basis. Brands like Maxima and Motorex offer a great chain cleaning/maintenance kit that has everything you need to clean and re-lube your chain. The only other thing we’d recommend is using a Grunge Brush to help scrub off the chain as you’re cleaning. Don’t think that you’re limited to those two brands for cleaning chemicals, because we have plenty of others from brands like Bel-Ray, Motul, PJ1 and more. Not sure on the procedure of getting your chain and sprockets clean and re-lubricated? Check out our How-To Clean and Maintain Your Motorcycle Chain blog.

If either your chain or sprockets are worn out, you’ll want to replace both (technically all 3: countershaft sprocket, rear sprocket, and chain) altogether. This is where things can get confusing. For your chain selection, you can choose to go with an O-Ring Chain, X-Ring Chain or even a standard chain. You can save money by going with a standard chain BUT know that it will likely wear faster than either an O-Ring or X-Ring chain. While more expensive, the construction of the O-Ring chain will make it stronger and more resistant to wear from stretching and road grime. The advantage of an X-Ring chain is less friction on the plates and rubber X-Ring creates less drag on your motorcycle driveline. When it comes to sprockets you have an endless selection. Not just in brands like Sunstar, JT, Renthal, Driven or Vortex, but you also have to figure out how many teeth you want for each sprocket. This choice can drastically affect how your bike will ride because a small change can give you a huge increase in torque or top end with a sacrifice in acceleration. The safe bet is to stay with the gearing you’ve been running but if you want to play around with your gear ratios, be sure to check out our blog on How-To Choose Motorcycle Sprockets.


gsxr 600 buyers guide

The filter on the right is doing its job perfectly but could likely have been changed out a little sooner. With all the choices you have for replacements, servicing your air filter should be at the top of your list.

Air Filters
When it comes to air filters for the GSX-R 600, your choices are pretty basic. You can order OEM or an OEM style aftermarket filter (Hiflofiltro, BikeMaster or Emgo) that is both made of a paper element. In all honesty, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these because they do a great job in filtering the dirt particles out and delivering clean fresh air to your motorcycle. Another option is to use a reusable air filter that you can wash and re-oil when it gets dirty. Good examples of this style filter are UNI, BMC or K&N filters. If you want an increase in airflow for a slight increase in performance and rideability, both BMC and K&N offer race spec high flow air filters that are great for track days but not recommended for everyday street use.
If you’re considering the move from a paper air filter to a reusable brand but aren’t quite sure how difficult the process of cleaning them is, check out our blog on How-To Clean and Maintain Motorcycle Air Filters.


gsxr 600 buyers guide

Keeping your engine oil fresh can not only extend the life of your engine, but can also give you a heads up to potential internal problems if you inspect it close enough.

Oil Filter and Oil
The last of the maintenance items on our hottest items list are Oil Filters and Engine Oil. Just like the Air Filter, you can get an OEM Oil Filter or take your pick of the numerous aftermarket brands like K&N, Fram, BikeMaster, EMGO, and Highflofiltro. Each of these aftermarket brands will filter just as good as their OE counterpart, but you can likely save a few bucks going this route. When it comes to your choice of oil, the sky is the limit. You have your choice of conventional oils or synthetics and honestly, as long as you change your oil on a regular basis you can’t go wrong with any of our brands like Maxima, Motul, Motorex, Bel-Ray and more.




If you ever notice that your motorcycle seems to crank over a little slower than it used to, chances are that your battery is signaling you that it’s on its way out the door. For those of you that need a more clear explanation, start looking for a new battery before you’re stranded with a dead battery. Your motorcycle likely came with the common Lead Acid battery, which is the most affordable out of the different style batteries. The other styles are maintenance free, lithium-ion, dry-charge and sealed gel cell batteries. Each has their benefits but the most popular are the lead acid and Lithium-Ion. The advantage of a Lithium-Ion is their lightweight, high consistent cranking power, and long lifespan. Between brands like BikeMaster, Shorai, Yuasa and Power Source, you’ll have plenty to pick from for your favorite replacement.


gsxr 600 buyers guide

Upgrading your headlight could be as simple as replacing your stock light bulb with a different style that has more output and can even be as extreme as replacing the entire assembly with one that has a better bulb and reflector.


If you do any of your riding at night, you’ll want to look into upgrading your stock headlight system from the conventional H3 style bulb to that of an HID or LED style bulb. Why would you want to do this? HID bulbs project a significant increase in lighting power and going the route of an LED style headlight does exactly the same with the added benefit of less amperage draw so your electrical charging system won’t be working overtime to keep up with the amperage demand. Want to see just how much brighter an LED replacement bulb is over the conventional bulb? Be sure to check out our blog on How-To Upgrade to an LED Bulb.








Is a new exhaust necessary? Probably not, but you might be able to squeeze a few more ponies out of your engine while making it sound awesome!

While some may say an aftermarket exhaust is an absolute must, others completely disagree and think that the stock units are fine the way they are. In our opinion, it really depends on how old your GSX-R 600 is. If it’s an older carbureted model than you could potentially stand to gain a significant increase in HP with the addition of a complete exhaust system or even just a slip-on muffler. If you’re the owner of a new model (fuel injected) motorcycle, you’d be surprised at how well the OE exhaust system performs. One noticeable thing is that the sound of your GSX-R 600 can get noticeably more aggressive which isn’t a bad thing. Here at BikeBandit.com, we carry a huge selection of aftermarket exhaust options from some of the most popular brands in the business like Yoshimura, Two Brothers Racing, Hotbodies, VooDoo Performance, Akrapovic and more for you to take your pick from. Many of these companies offer different styles of mufflers as well so you can customize the look of your GSX-R with a Stainless, Titanium or even Carbon Fiber muffler body.
If you do decide to go the route of an aftermarket exhaust, be sure to find out whether or not any kind of fuel recalibration is required. On some models adding a simple slip-on can lean out the jetting and do serious damage to the internals of your motor. If you do have a model that requires fuel recalibration, we offer jet kits and fuel programmers to get the job done.


gsxr 600 buyers guide

When you install a fender eliminator kit, you won’t get an additional 5HP. You won’t even get 1HP, but you’ll make the motorcycle look 10-times better and less cluttered.



Fender Eliminator Kits
One of our better sellers has nothing to do with engine performance or handling of the motorcycle whatsoever but is all about improving the looks of the GSX-R itself. The rear fender/license plate holder on most sportbikes seems to have been an afterthought in the overall design. They’re big, clunky and just plain unattractive. We offer a huge selection of aftermarket rear fender eliminator (relocator/undertail) kits with a different style and prices for every rider. In addition to eliminating the clunky license plate holder to a much cleaner design, in many cases, you can also do away with the big unsightly turn signals and go with a smaller, more visibly appealing turn signal. The perfect example is the R&G Rear Fender Eliminator where you can pair the piece with their LED micro turn signals for a super clean look.






gsxr 600 buyers guide

Not only can a new windscreen give your motorcycle a different look, but it can also help deflect some of the wind from hitting you right in the face making your ride quality that much better.

The last item on our list again doesn’t have much to do with performance, but rider comfort and looks. When you think of the Suzuki GSX-R 600 and similar bikes, many people don’t think about the turbulence that deflects off of the front fairing and up into the riders face. Some don’t notice it, but many do and wonder what can be done to remedy the issue. We offer a large selection of windscreens/windshields from companies like Puig, Zero Gravity, Hotbodies and a few others that have various designs to eliminate that pesky wind turbulence. Want to give your motorcycle a little more custom flash to stand out from the rest? Some of these are also available in different colors to do just that. By far our top seller is the Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windshield, and the review from customer Jackie S gives the perfect reason why. “I have a ZX14R, the stock windscreen is to low, and no wind protection and you can’t hide behind it at speed. I tried the touring windscreen and it put the turbulence right at my helmet causing load noise. This one, the zero gravity double bubble mid-size is perfect, it helps with wind protection, no noise and you can duck within its draft at speed.” If this is a similar problem that you face, you just might want to consider replacing your stock piece today!


There you have it. Some of our most popular and sought-after items for the Suzuki GSX-R 600, and multiple reasons why they are sought after. If you own this machine, you just might want to look into some of these products to better your riding experience and just make your motorcycle reliable with fresh parts for your next ride. Feel like we missed something important? Be sure to leave a note in the comments below so other owners and riders can see your suggestions and focus on those as well. Till next time, stay safe and keep riding.

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