It’s tough out there when you’re looking for love, but it can be even more difficult if you own a motorcycle. While that may not seem like a deal-breaker, some ladies aren’t interested in a man who loves the open road. Even worse, some women may see your commitment to your bike as a challenge and try to change you into a person who fits their “ideal.” Fortunately, the rise of female motoryclists means you can find a partner who shares your values.

Women who ride are in a class all their own. If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 reasons you should try dating a female motorcyclist.

1. She Shares Your Same Interests

When you go out with a female rider, you more than likely share the same interests. She probably even enjoys the simpler things in life you cherish as well:

  • A classic American burger
  • Cold glass of beer
  • Good old rock ‘n’ roll

Most importantly, she’d probably love to get down and dirty working on your bikes together in the garage.

2. She Can Keep Up — And Even Takes the Lead

One of the major points of contention between a rider and pedestrian is that the pedestrian may feel left out when you go on your regular rides. A female motorcyclist, on the other hand, shouldn’t make you choose between her and your riding buddies; she’ll probably be one of them.

You don’t have to feel guilty about taking long trips, since she’ll be there to share the experience. In fact, if she’s a true enthusiast, she may even take the initiative and plan or suggest a trip together.

3. You Don’t Have To Worry About Hauling Luggage

Some women carry their lives in their purses. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it can become an inconvenience when you’re constantly on the move. Taking trips can be even more of a headache when your significant other brings twice as much luggage as you do.

On the flip side, female riders are usually more economical about their packing choices. They’re used to having limited space and know how to prioritize. You’ll probably never have to make more than one trip hauling luggage when you date a woman who rides a motorcycle.

4. She’s Intimidating in the Best Way

For a long time, riding a motorcycle was seen as a man’s activity. Now there are a lot more women on the road, and they are encompassing the qualities any male rider has. A good example is valuing confidence and knowing how to stick up for yourself. Women who love motorcycles usually love this side of the culture as well.

5. She Looks Good in Leather

Women who love motorcycles generally have a different sense of fashion than the rest of the female population. Instead of hundred-dollar dresses, she probably prefers jeans; instead of teetering on six-inch heels, she probably wears a good, sturdy boot. Your girl likely won’t care about runway trends, but be up-to-date on the best women’s riding gear.

As an added bonus, she probably won’t expect you to dress up when you go out. Instead, she’ll think you’re downright handsome in your casual clothes and motorcycle jacket.

6. She Hungers for Adventure

If she loves the road, she’s probably a sucker for a good adventure. Most motorcyclists are comfortable taking some degree of risk. We’re not afraid to put ourselves out there if there’s a big payoff. Female motorcyclists are no different and likely value that quality in a partner. You can count on more spontaneous rides with an enthusiastic companion. You may even find yourself trying things you’d never do otherwise.

7. She’s Tough as Nails

Part of riding, especially if you push the limits off-roading or racing, is knowing that you may get hurt. In fact, most of us have taken a tumble at some point or other, and we’ve got the scars to prove it. Your bike-riding lady love likely has her own close-call stories, which is yet another reason why female motorcycle riders are badass.

With those experiences under her belt, she’s probably unfazed by a broken nail or even a broken arm. She gets back up, dusts herself off, patches herself up and is ready to get back on the bike.

8. She’s Got Her Own Ride

We’ll be the first to admit, there’s something downright romantic about riding with your sweetheart’s arms wrapped around you. But when you’re always the ride, it can get a little irritating.

When your partner has her own motorcycle, it’s a whole other experience. You’re now on equal footing; you don’t have to worry about her comfort because she’s taken charge of it. That’s not to mention that if you need to part ways, you don’t have to use extra gas dropping her off somewhere after your date.

9. She Has the Same Financial Priorities

Maintaining a bike isn’t always cheap. Sometimes you have to invest in your machine to keep it running at its best. A fellow rider understands this. For her, motorcycle gear and parts are just another necessary expense in budget. She may have different ideas about how to finagle the numbers to make it all work, but she should still agree on what’s important.

10. You Share a True Love

Most importantly, the two of you should have a shared love that lays a strong foundation for your relationship: a true love of motorcycles. When you want the same lifestyle, embrace the same values and enjoy the same activities, those are all signs you’re compatible. Compatibility is key for a long and healthy romance.

Now that you’ve realized how amazing it is to share life with a fellow rider, you’re probably wondering how to date a female motorcyclist. This may surprise you, but it’s pretty easy: Just be yourself. The women riders out there are generally as happy to meet a male biker as you are to meet them.

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