Too many companies add a different color to their 2020 lines and call them updated. The new Fox Racing riding gear has taken real steps toward improving rider safety and comfort with the brand’s latest collections. Advanced construction, next generation technology, and thoughtful design have created brand-new products that bikers are sure to appreciate. To be fair, Fox has also added a few different colors to its 2020 line if you want to update your style. Here are some of our favorites among the latest offerings from one of the top manufacturers:

V3 Helmet

Fox Racing’s latest head protection is an off-road beauty made with motocross competitors in mind. The carbon and FRP resin composite shell provides a tougher outer layer for the helmet. Along with the dual-density EPS liner, the V3 meets or exceeds DOT and ECE standards.

This helmet takes protection to the next level by including Fluid Inside to better absorb brain-affecting linear and rotational energy. It also features the Magnetic Visor Release System to allow the peak to disengage during a crash for less neck torque. The chinbar and eye port utilize the CAGE system to better manage force directed at your most vulnerable areas. In addition to usual offerings such as a washable lining, the V3 comes in four shell and EPS sizes for a customizable, best-in-class fit.

V2 and V1 Helmets

The V2 and V1 helmets have also been redone to upgrade their available protection. While they don’t have all the bells and whistles of the V3, they also come at a much lower price point.

The V2 maintains the Liquid Inside system and MVRS but exchanges the advanced composite for a more typical polycarbonate and ABS shell. The V1 loses the Liquid Inside but costs about a third of the price of a V3. Neither has the safe ventilation design or high-quality linings, but they’re more affordable options for the brand’s followers. As with the V3, the multiple sizes for shells and EPS liners make it easier to find the right Fox Racing riding gear online.

Instinct Boots

These were created as the top of the line for Fox footwear. The company’s engineers focused on the little details to make them an all-around pleasure to wear.

The slim, medial shape and slender toe box allow for effortless maneuvering and easy shifting. A low-ride chassis brings your actual foot close to the peg for better feel. The high-tech rubber compound creates durable boots with exceptional grip on the burnguards and outsoles. In case of emergency, the hinge lockouts prevent hyperextension to save your joints. You can also check out the Instinct X for similar features in a boot that allows more movement during walking and off-roading.

Comp Boots

Comp boots fill a similar role to the V2 and V1 helmets in terms of Fox Racing riding gear on sale. They offer many of the same features of the Instincts for a more affordable price point. The lower buckles and increased grip are both reminiscent of the more premium footwear, offering similar performance. Dirt bikers and ATV riders even have a Comp X model for better off-road use. The Comp R is an excellent option for streetbike riders who need maximum mobility in their boots.

Raptor Vest Protector

Between your spine and internal organs, your torso is almost as important to shield as your head. The Raptor Vest lets you armor it in Level 2 CE-certified back and front plates. You even benefit from the unrestricted coverage of full side plating and an extended lower back protector. Whether you ride on the track or the trail, this vest keeps you cool with flow-through ventilation.

Titan Sport Protective Jacket

Fox may have reached the pinnacle of under-jersey protection. Riders are covered in Level 1 CE-certified armor plates on their elbows, shoulders, chest, and back. The chest is divided to allow for a zipper so you can easily put it on and take it off. For dirt bikers and quad owners who prefer extra mobility, the separate back protector can even be removed. The moisture-wicking fabric also allows for better airflow to ensure wearers stay cool on their rides.

Airline Collection

Available in a jersey, pants and gloves, this collection is the ultimate in hot-weather technology. Laser-perforated venting makes for extensive airflow while maximizing abrasion resistance. You don’t just survive sweltering heat you wick away extra moisture with the TruDri fabric to combat humidity. The four-way stretch panels from the last generation make sure your lower half has all the flexibility it needs. Fox Racing updated the closures for a tailored fit that prevents chaffing.

Flexair Collection

The Flexair collection has similar heat dispersion to the Airline collection with more premium features. This jersey and pants combo was made for riders who need extreme mobility. You barely notice the lightweight fabric, which has the same TruDri material and laser cutting as the Airline collection. Worn by some of the top motocross riders, these clothes enhance your off-roading capabilities.

Airspace II Goggles

The wide-view Lexan lens of these goggles lets you see clearly for improved peripheral vision. It features a 45mm strap to give you more room and a more secure fit than 30mm models. The triple layer foam fittings keep the frame from digging into your face while blocking dust and debris. Airspace II goggles come with a microfiber bag and use an eight-pin locking system to keep your lens in place.

VUE Goggles

A step up from the Airspace IIs, the VUEs use injected polycarbonate lenses for greater durability with perfect clarity. Designed for outdoor riders, they block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Fox knows that perspiration can affect your riding, so you get 360 venting in these goggles. The VUEs even include tear offs so you can tackle even extreme dirt and mud.

Fox may have set the new standards for protection and performance with its 2020 line. Advanced impact absorption technology may save the lives of competitors and recreational riders alike. The comfort of its equipment is also second to none. Shop the new Fox Racing riding gear online to find next generation apparel at affordable prices.