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The nursing profession has long been charged with the noble, awe-inspiring, messy, and exhausting work of caring for the sick and suffering. Nurses have the enormous privilege of carrying the burden of preserving human dignity amid uncertainty. Together with their physician colleagues and exceptional care teams, nurses meet and care for people when they’re at their most fragile – bringing hope to what, in some cases, may be the worst day of their lives.

Demand Generation Manager, Lucia Huang, RN

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues, it is important to take note of one thing: nurses are the front-line heroes of this war and they deserve a ‘Thank You’. To the nurses who put their own health on the line every single day, we commend you for your service to the United States of America and to the entire World. This is most definitely not a war that any of you signed up for, but it is certainly one that we are all in together. It takes a special kind of person to run to the line of danger for the well being of others — a person filled with love, courage, and selflessness. Why you do it? We’ll never know… BikeBandit salutes you with the utmost respect and gratitude for everything that you do, not just in these COVID-19 times, but always!

Thank You


Happy #InternationalNursesDay2020

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