Alpinestars launches their 2019 Motocross Collection that includes updated Tech 10 boots and the unveiling of their first-ever motocross helmet.

It’s that time of year when all of your favorite brands start to release their latest gear for 2019 and this year Alpinestars, the leader in motorsports boots, has stepped up their game and decided to dive into unfamiliar territory. For 2019 the Italian off-road powerhouse has taken the head-first dive into the crowded world of off-road helmets in addition to revamping the popular Tech 10 MX Boot and an update to their popular line of Bionic body protection.

NEW! Supertech S-M 10 Off-Road/MX Helmet
What’s one of the premier boot makers doing making helmets? Why not? Honestly if they put as much thought into their helmets as they do their boots, then the rest of the helmet industry had better look out. From all of the specs that we have available to us, the Supertech S-M10 is designed to be one of the lightest, safest and most comfortable premier helmets on the market that’s loaded with many of the same features you’d find on other elite models. The helmets are offered in four different shell sizes with sizes ranging from XS through 2XL with pricing starting at $579.95 for the Supertech S-M10 Solid (Matte Black that looks like a clear carbon or White) to $649.95 for the Supertech S-M10 Meta that is offered in three different color variations (Black/Aqua/Orange, Black/Grey/Yellow and Grey/Orange). Early reports from trusted sources like Dirt Rider Magazine claim that the Supertech S-M10 helmet feels light both holding it and wearing it, but we’re still waiting for their full review. You can get yours from in early fall.
Here are just some of the features you’ll get in this new helmet from Alpinestars.

Supertech S-M10 Helmet Features
• Lightweight outer shell constructed from technologically advanced composite materials.
• Multiple density inner liner.
• MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System).
• Visor that is attached to the helmet shell with a patented system that allows easy release in the event of a crash. Two visors are supplied (one regular and one super high).
• Adjustable top pad height (A-Head Alpinestars patented system).
• Maximized ventilation with 19 intake and 5 exhaust ports.
• Side shell shape coupled with soft EPP foam that prevents damage to collarbones in the event of a crash.
• Emergency release and removable cheek pads made from 3D contoured foam.
• Removable comfort liner, made with anti-moisture and anti-bacterial fabrics.
• Hydration port and E-Ject prepared


Updated! Tech 10 Motocross Boots
For 2019 Alpinestars’ flagship motocross boot got a complete redesign with two purposed in mind. The goal of the redesign was to provide better performance while increasing protection meaning the rider would have a better feel while being comfortable and safe. Through this redesign, Alpinestars claims that it was able to shave 1 pound of weight off from the previous version of the boot. Features that can now be found in the NEW Tech 10 are the new inner ankle brace featuring dual-pivot arms that allow the boot to retain integrity while flexing, a Dynamic Heel Compression Protector (DHCP) that helps absorb energy during a crash reducing excessive or potentially injury-causing energy being transferred to the ankle and lower leg and a whole bunch more we’ll point out below. The boots will still have their $599.95 price point and are available in US sizes 7-14 or European sizes 40.5-49.5 and at this time will be available in 5 different color combinations. If your old boots are worn out, these are the perfect upgrade and you can get them right here at

Features of the UPDATED Tech 10 Motocross Boots.
• Alpinestars patented Frontal Flex Frame.
• Asymmetrical, dual-pivot arms on boot frame.
• Dynamic Heel Compression Protector (DHCP).
• Inner Ankle Brace.
• Anatomical Shin and Calf-Plates.
• Unique Sole Integration
• Redesigned buckle closure for increased ease, comfort and strength.
• Lightweight construction

Bionic Chest Protector
The Alpinestars Bionic Chest Protector continues to improve every year and we think it’s one of the best modular chest protectors on the market. Whether you want complete coverage, front and back without shoulder pads or just a straight roost guard, you can set it up just how you like. The hard shell protector and soft bio foam interior padding keep things comfortable and Level 1 CE certified armor helps to protect your vital organs while the Grid technology cell system allows for maximum flexibility and ventilation.

• Protector plates that feature embedded grid technology under the shells that absorb and dissipate impact forces.
• Grid technology cell system that allows maximum flexibility and air ventilation.
• CE certified back, chest and shoulder protectors.
• Modular design that allows protector to be worn in multiple configurations.
• Side adjustable integrated kidney belt
• Available in sizes XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL


Bionic Plus Knee Protectors
Knee protection never felt so good. The updated Bionic Knee Protectors feature ergonomically profiled Level 1 CE Protection that is held comfortable yet securely in place ty a dual strap closure system. The 3D mesh vented panels, similar to those found in the Bionic Chest Protector, prevent excessive heat build-up by allowing maximum air flow. In short, you’ve got superior comfort and protection all in one great piece.

• CE certified protection systems
• Highly ergonomic design improves streamlining while providing crucial protection for MX and off-road riding.
• Dual strap closure system on knee protectors designed to offer superb comfort and adjustment.
• Vented panels and 3D mesh for great comfort while preventing heat build-up.
• Designed with a flexion channel through the shell that allows the shell to bend with the knee.
• Available in sizes S/M and L/XL


Bionic Plus Elbow Protector
Take on the terrain with confidence when you strap on the Bionic Plus Elbow Protectors from Alpinestars. Just like their Bionic Knee Protectors, these feature profiled Level 1 CE certified protection that is held in place via a dual strap closure system. It also features the same great 3D mesh and vented panels for maximum airflow and asymmetric and lightweight design and strategic flexion channeling for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

• New padding construction and profiles on the upper part to have a better flexibility and reduce any material wrinkles.
• Dual strap system w/ hook and loop closures for quick and easy mounting
• CE certified protection systems utilize robust protective structures and impact absorption padding.
• Vented panels and 3D mesh for great comfort while preventing heat build-up.
• Available in Sizes S/M and L/XL

You can find more information on the above products and even more new gloves and technical undergarments from Alpinestars by clicking here.