That’s right! Answer 2021 is now available on! Looking for a new gear set? Check out the latest helmets, jerseys, gloves, pants, goggles, boots, and more! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, all these items qualify for Shipping Insanity, so take advantage and gear up for your next ride!

AR1 Helmet

The all-new from the ground-up redesigned Answer AR1 helmet provides a quality helmet build, design, and style to even the tightest, riding budgets. It features an injection-molded poly-carbonate & ABS blend shell with 14 strategically placed vents maximize airflow without compromising shell integrity. Three different shell sizes allow for a precise fit.

AR3 Helmet

The AR3 Helmet brings full-level protection and top-level helmet technology to a price range that puts cutting edge engineering and materials within reach of all riders. It features an all-new, in-house designed shell made from a poly-carbonate and ABS blend that integrates MIPS brain protection technology. What is MIPS? MIPS is a multi-directional impact system designed to absorb, diffuse, and mitigate both direct and rotational impacts. You can find a dual-density EPS liner and removable/washable comfort liners.

Syron Gearset

Unbeatable Quality

The Syncron line is the perfect blend of function, style, and affordability. You don’t have to buy-in at the top, to be in the game and get a sharp looking, durable set of gear. Answer has been out fitting riders since 1976 and the Syncron line makes it easy to help carry on the heritage of our sport’s roots. Feel great, look great, ride more.

Arkon Gearset

Pro Level Design Quality

Riders who know what they want, what they need, and can tell instantly what works will love the new lightweight, high-flow, modernized-fit Arkon gear line. The unique, clean styling allows mix and match combinations – these kits are designed to look great even with pieces from other Answer lines. This high quality gear lets you feel nimble yet has durability that destroys those flimsy ‘race graphic pajamas’ offered in this category by other brands.

Elite Gearset

The Higher Standard

Racers on their way up have enough challenges; they need advantages. The pro-level design, materials, and engineering of Answer ’s all-new Elite gear will help speed your development. The quality of materials and construction will stand up to the toughest conditions, and dynamic styles will help you stand out. If moto is your lifestyle, dress to look good; if winning is everything, wear what works. Get comfortable, get noticed, and get to the top quicker.

Arkon Youth Gearset

APEX Roost Guards

The Apex Roost Guards offer chest and back coverage that is CE-certified for impact protection thanks to ventilated in-molded HoneyCombHexFrame Construction backed with EVA foam padding. The Apex 1 Chest Protector is neck brace compatible to integrate your gear for the least restrictive, and best protecting, setup.

AR1 Boots

The Answer AR1 boot represents a new idea in motocross boots. Inexpensive boots have been around for a long time and no brand had ever really tried to make them good. The AR1 boot is better than good, it offers you far more than is offered by any other boot in it’s price range. Using just the right combination of synthetics, plastic and high-performance textiles, Answer created an upper that is light, durable and protective. They coupled that to a four-layer sole system that we stitched on for a foolproof and long lifespan that is easy to re-sole when the time comes.




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