What’s up, everyone! Yeah, we know that we’ve been like your favorite long-lost relative who occasionally sends you a card with some cash to stay in touch and makes an appearance at Christmas, but that’s going to be changing. We’ve had a lot going on here and once you read on, you’ll understand why we’ve been MIA.


Fresh New Look

Shopping made simple. That was what we were aiming for when doing our site redesign. What do you think?

If you landed on this page by coming through our website, you likely noticed a few new changes and if you didn’t, you need to take a look at our new and improved BikeBandit.com website! Yep… we got another year older and felt it was time for a facelift, but all to provide a better customer shopping experience.
You should notice that not only does the site load faster, but is easy to use on both desktop and mobile platforms so you can easily shop from whatever device is most convenient for you. Also, we’ve set out to make your shopping process more streamlined. What does this mean? Less clicking and page loading to get you to the products you want to see. In the market for tires? You’ll find your options quicker than ever! The same goes for aftermarket parts since we’ve broken down the selection for you right in the main body of the website. We encourage you to explore the toolbar up top and just click around the entire website to see how you like it. Are there things you’d like to see different? Feel free to let us know in the comments. Your input will be taken into consideration because it’s our goal to give you the best shopping experience possible.


2019 MX Gear

All the big names are releasing their newest designed gear for 2019 and we’ve got it ready to ship, so get it while it’s hot and in stock. Want to save a few bucks or have good practice gear you’re not worried about thrashing? Take advantage of our Blowout Specials on MX gear.

If you ride MX or Off-Road you know that Fall is as important to the apparel industry as NY Fashion week is to designers of gaudy clothes. That’s right; all of your favorite MX apparel companies are starting to release their 2019 MX Gear offerings and we’ve got them ready to ship at BikeBandit. You’ll see some great pant, jersey and glove kits from Fox, Troy Lee Designs, Thor, Answer, Shot and many more! Need a new helmet to go with your new kit? We’ve got them! Boots? We’ve got them from Alpinestars, TCX, SIDI and every other top brand you can think of. If you like killer looking Limited Edition gear, you’ll definitely want to check in with us towards the end of the month as we’re going to have a little something special from TLD that you won’t be able to find at many other outlets.
You know what else is great about the fresh 2019 MX Gear coming in? It means that we need to get last years’ stuff off of our shelves and you’ll score some amazing deals on our Blowout Inventory! Some people don’t realize that the today’s blowout items could have been the most in-demand hot items as little as 2-weeks ago! Whether you decide to go for the stuff hot off the press or want to save a few bucks by sporting last year’s hot style, which might look better than the new stuff, we’ve got you covered here.


On-Road Fall Jackets

Need a new riding jacket for fall? We’ve got some great ones starting as low as $149.95! Be sure to jump on these savings.



If your motorcycle riding consists of tearing up the pavement, we’ve got something for you too! How about fresh new styles from the likes of Alpinestars, Joe Rocket, Speed and Strength, Cortech, Icon and more with prices starting as low as $149.95
The same goes for some amazing Blowout Specials on jackets and more. Get a jump on your holiday shopping or just spoil yourself with something new. Either way take advantage of amazing deals on top quality gear at low prices.






Technological Head Protection

2-for-1. That’s what you get with SENA’s new Bluetooth Communication Helmets. With helmets for every style of riding, they’ll have you covered.

More and more we’re seeing helmets come Bluetooth ready, but SENA has taken it up a notch by releasing their own line of helmets that have been outfitted with some of their best communication systems. Whether you want a half helmet to feel the breeze in your face while riding your cruiser, SENA has the Cavalry ½ helmet that has the popular 20S technology built right in. Do you prefer a little more protection and noise reduction that an open face helmet provides? SENA has taken that same 20s unit and installed it in their Savage open face helmet. This allows you to “ride connected in style with a classic look,” as SENA states and we can’t disagree.
For maximum protection from the elements, wind noise, and the unfortunate accident, you can’t deny that a full-face helmet is a way to go. SENA has taken their time come up with a great helmet that will not only be safe, have tremendous rider comfort, is loaded with premium features and will have some of the clearest rider-to-rider communication that the SENA 20S can deliver. The Momentum full-face line of helmets features great venting, quick dry lining, scratch, and UV resistant pinlock ready visor and great design resistance to wind noise.
Have we piqued your interest? We’ve got the entire lineup of their new helmets and you can find them here for even more specific info and specs.



Freshen up Your Rubber

Who doesn’t like to get money back for shopping? That’s what you get when you buy select tires from Dunlop or Continental right now, so be sure to take advantage of those rebates.

How are your tires looking? Do they need to be replaced? Maybe they’ve got a few months still left on them but you know the time is coming up. Well, we’ve got 2 great tire rebates from both Dunlop and Continental so you can get them mounted now and ride into the sunset on fresh treads or even get them before you need them so you’re good to go when the time comes. How good are the rebates? How about $50 back in the way of a Visa Gift Card when you buy qualifying sets? Look at the details below.

Dunlop Tire Rebate: Get up to $50 on a Visa Gift Card when you buy sets of Dunlop’s popular American Elite, Elite 4, Sportmax Q3+, Roadsmart III, Trailsmart, D401, D401T or D402 tires. Get up to $20 on a Visa Gift Card with purchase of a set of Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 tires. Rebate program ends 10/31/2018

Continental Tire Rebate: Get up to $50 on a Visa Gift Card when you buy sets of Continental TKC 70, TKC 80 or Conti Trail Attack 2 tires! Rebate runs through November 30th, 2018.





When she’s not racing her Yamaha R-1 on the track, we’ve got Melissa Paris in the studio working on a new how-to video. Be sure to check them out.


Are you looking for some informative How-To videos to simplify your motorcycle maintenance? Is there a new product that you want more info on, so you’re looking for a great in-depth product review? Be sure to visit our YouTube because we’ve got it all and even more. With over 2000 videos, and growing, we have hours and hours of content to satisfy most of your viewing needs. We’ve also been working with Sportbike Racer Melissa Paris on a few how-to videos that you might want to check out. From showing how to load and unload a dirtbike into the back of a truck to walking you through an installation of a Yoshimura slip-on exhaust system, she’s sharing her experience with you.



Well, there you go. That’s what we’ve got lined up for the month of October and we can guarantee you that things will only get better as we charge into the Holiday Season. Is there anything you want to see? Any kinds of sales or specials? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Till next time, stay safe and keep riding.