On a motorcycle, traction is everything, and whether you’re on a 300-pound dirt bike or a 1000-pound bagger, everything comes down to those two tiny patches of rubber holding you up. With so much riding on your tires, could it be beneficial to you to invest in a Road Hazard Tire Warranty? We explain the benefits here.

We take pride in being the web’s motorcycle tire leader here at BikeBandit.com, and we’re always looking for ways to help keep our customers happy, satisfied, and on the road on their bikes even longer. We know there is a lot riding on your tires when you ride a motorcycle – no matter what you ride, everything comes down to those two small contact patches of rubber and the traction they have with the road, so it’s imperative that your tires be in good shape at all times.

But we also know the world is an unpredictable place, and that there are many ways those tires you put so much faith in can get damaged. That’s why we recently partnered with EFG to provide a new service to give you unprecedented peace of mind on the road – Road Hazard Tire Protection.

So what is it, how does it work, and most importantly, will it be right for you? Read on and find out.


What is Road Hazard Tire Protection?

Road Hazard Tire Protection is basically an insurance policy you are buying for your tires. It is not a warranty, which covers manufacturers defects, and will come included with your tire. Instead, it is an add-on service that specifically insures your tires against the damage they can incur while out on the road – damage that would not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty because that kind of damage isn’t caused by a defective tire, but rather, an unlucky run-in with a road hazard.


This doesn’t just happen on cars – it can absolutely happen on a motorcycle too! As important as your tires are on a motorcycle, and as much as they can cost, the extra peace of mind a protection plan can give you is well worth it.


So what is a “road hazard” anyway? Well if you’ve ever happened to get a flat tire on the road (in any kind of vehicle), you’ve had an encounter with one – things like nails and screws, rocks, road debris, and glass that can puncture your tire unexpectedly. And lets not forget the biggest culprit of all – potholes! Road hazards can happen to anyone, anywhere, and aren’t caused by bad riding or bad tires, but mostly, just bad luck.


So What’s So Great About Road Hazard Tire Protection?

If you’ve ever had an unexpected flat, you’ve also had to deal with not only the inconvenience of getting stuck out on the road and waiting for a repair, but also, the unexpected expense of having to repair or replace it. Road Hazard Tire Protection is insurance against exactly that – instead of having to shell out hundreds of dollars for towing service and a new tire if the road should attack you unexpectedly, you will be covered by our plan, paid for with only a small fee up front when you purchase your tire.

Here are a few perks about the specific plan we offer here at BikeBandit.com:

  • Coverage lasts a full 24 months, or until tire tread wears down to 3/32 of an inch
  • It covers not only repair and replacement of your tire, but balancing, mounting, and all labor
  • Coverage is not prorated for wear (which means you won’t get reimbursed at a lower value just because your tire has miles on it)
  • No deductible (that’s right – an insurance policy with no deductible!)
  • No forms necessary when filing a claim
  • We will even cover roadside assistance fees to pick up your bike and take it to a service center (up to a $75 value)
  • We’ll even pay your old tire disposal fee!

As you can see, what you’re really buying is peace of mind. For only a few bucks more, you can be sure the tires you’ve probably put a lot of money into are protected from unexpected surprises – and with up to $500 in coverage available per tire, that’s a lot of peace of mind for not a lot of money!


Should Everyone Get Road Hazard Tire Protection?

Actually, no. There are some guidelines that you should know about that may make it not the ideal investment for you.

For example, off-road riding is not covered. If you ride a dirt bike, ATV, or UTV, you cannot get this coverage on your tires – in order to get coverage, the “road hazard” must be present on publicly maintained roads.

That takes us to our next point – dual-sport and adventure riders. You folks spend time on both public roads and on trails, so it’s important to know that “road hazard” coverage will only apply when on the road. It still may be a good investment for you, especially if you travel frequently, but just be aware that off-road tire damage will not be covered.

Finally, while we’re working hard to get Road Hazard Tire Protection available to ALL our customers, we are still bound by state laws, so currently we are only able to offer it in 32 states (but we are working on the rest of them!) Eligible states are shown below, so if you live in one of them, you’ll be able to purchase protection at checkout and your policy will be valid even if you travel to other states.



Inexpensive Peace of Mind


Some say you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Well we can – when it comes to your tires at least! Road Hazard Tire Protection is affordable, and easy to add every time you buy a tire from us.


Like any kind of insurance, it’s a lot better to have it and not use it, than to need it and not have it. Check out the advantages of purchasing a Road Hazard Tire Protection policy for yourself, and if you think you can benefit from it (as most riders can) make sure to purchase protection on your next set of tires, which you’ll have the easy option to add whenever you put a tire in your cart. It will more than pay for itself the first time you use it!



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