Video by: Matt Welch, Media Manager
Dragonfire Racing stopped by the BikeBandit HQ to make sure their packages were leaving the warehouse a little faster…

It’s always great to get to keep in touch with hardcore and passionate off-road enthusiasts like Dragonfire Racing! Not to mention, it’s awesome to see products and accessories actually mounted on a vehicle rather than in a box! The entire BikeBandit crew would like to thank Kyle from Dragonfire Racing and Mike from Tucker for cruising down and bringing along with them two decked out UTV’s and going the extra mile for some content! That’s right, they drove all the way from Arizona and trailered a Honda Talon and a Polaris RZR with a bunch of Dragonfire Racing Goodies! Interested in upgrading your UTV? Go ahead and keep scrolling to check out some product spotlight on some of our favorite accessories down below! If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you may or may not get a bonus clip of our man Kyle running out of talent in the Honda Talon!

Product Spotlight

SS Mirrors

The Dragonfire Racing SS Mirrors are designed to handle the rigorous abuse of off-road driving conditions. They are constructed from a strong and lightweight die-cast aluminum and feature a 4.5″ convex mirror glass. These are perfect for extreme off-road or off-road desert racing.

Note: 1.75″ to 2″ Clamp

Slayer Mirrors

The Dragonfire Racing Slayer Mirrors are mountable in two orientations to allow for optimum placement. They feature an E-coated finish with stainless steel hardware that resists corrosion. Check out some more features and detailed specifications down below.

Note: 1.75″ to 2″ Clamp or Arctic Cat Prowler Cages

Harness Restraints

DragonFire knows that safety & comfort are crucial elements for anyone living the UTV Lifestyle. DragonFire harness restraints are designed to utilize stock or modified seat configurations*. With years of experience and the ability to cater to every UTV rider’s need, DragonFire harnesses will not let you down… even in the roughest conditions!

Spare Tire Mount

The Dragonfire RacePace™ Spare Tire Mount has come up with a budget minded way for you to take your UTV from run of the mill to one of a kind. The spare tire carrier allows you to mount a spare tire to your RacePace™ Back Bones using 6 bolt clam shell clamps. It takes minutes to install and ensures that you will not get stuck out in the sticks without a spare.

LED Whip

Advanced lighting technologies is an understatement. The Dragonfire Racing Bluetooth LED Whip W/QR Mount is a high-quality whip that will mount to your UTV. It has a brake light function for increased visibility in the dark dunes, dances to music or your voice, and is easy to control via Bluetooth.

Single Row LED Bar

The Dragonfire Racing Single Row Extreme LED Light Bar features a combo spot/flood pattern and includes universal side mounting brackets. Whether you’re mounting it on your UTV, dune buggy, or trophy truck, this light has got you covered!

Suede Steering Wheel

The DragonFire Suede Steering Wheel W/Red Stripe will transform the interior of your UTV and will give you that much needed edge over a stock steering wheel.

Door Filler Panel Kit

The Dragonfire Racing Door Filler Panel Kit For Honda Talon is a high-quality and easy-to-install door panel that is made from a high-grade aluminum. This addition completely changes the look on your factory Talon and makes it look like a race car.

Click HERE for all your Dragonfire Racing needs!

Photos by: Matt Welch, Media Manager


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