Video & Photo by: Matt Welch


You may be wondering what the plans are for this red machine. Let us give you the run down on this build idea! Our very own, Micah Davis, just picked up a beautiful 2006 Honda CRF450X. As many of you may know, the Honda 450X platform is legendary in off-road racing and has proven to be the go-to-bike over the years for racers across the globe. With this in mind, you’re probably envisioning a full-on race-bike build, right? Well, let me stop you right there! This 450X is actually going to be converted to a dual-sport but will have a retro twist to it…


What do we mean? It’s going to replicate the 1985 Honda RC250 Works Bike that was ridden by Johnyy O’Mara! Follow along as we document the Dream Bike Build Series on YouTube. With the exception of a few parts being sent out to be modified, this conversion is an in-house garage-build! A lot of the tools being used and parts being replaced can be purchased from our site, so we’ll make sure to tag them on the upcoming videos and blogs for you to check out for yourself. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire some of you to start building up your Dream Bike!


C’mon! I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s awesome that a 20-year old’s inspiration for his Dream Bike Build is a 1980’s two stroke! Am I right? I mean, just think about that for a second! They just don’t make young men like that anymore. So why exactly does Micah want to execute this? Find out on Part 2 — coming next week!

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