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“What is the meaning of all this existence? We are exploring Together. We are sharing our explorations Together. To explore, in any field, there must be Freedom.”

-J. Krishnamurti

There is a very unique bond between a man and his machine — a bond like no other that brings life into our days and endless stoke even in the worst of times… a bond that keeps us sane and allows us to go out and explore this beautiful world for what it is. Why do we get so far away from civilization and ride in the middle of nowhere? Why do we take alternate routes up the hills and through the mountains? Why do we pin it through water crossings and sand washes? We do all these things because amidst the bad times, we are blessed with the ability to let go of it all and ride with a clear conscious. We can truly set our mind free and enjoy the moment. We can forget about all the bad things going on in the world and we can leave the stress behind. We can let go of it all and live life one gear at a time. In order to truly understand these feelings and get into this state of mind, you must go out and experience it for yourself. You must wander off and create your own trails. You must explore all of the existence that was put into place by the higher powers up above. We must continue to enjoy this bond like there is no tomorrow and be forever thankful for it all.

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