Video and Photos by: Matt Welch


Welcome back to Part II of the Honda 450X Dream Bike Build Series! We’re super stoked to have you back and following along as we document this wicked transformation. Where did we leave off? Ah. That’s right — we were trying to figure out why the hell Micah Davis is so inspired to get this thing going and what his inspiration behind the build is. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!


As many of you may know, old-school Works bikes were truly some one-off creations — completely purpose built and designed to win. Modern day Works bikes are by no means stock, but the hand-made craftsmanship does not compare to the design and ingenuity of the early days in motocross. The 1985 Honda RC250 Works bike is no exception, and Johnny O’Mara holds an indisputable place in the history books. As Micah Davis puts it, “That bike — the Works chassis, delivered a ton of success to Honda. For me, my inspiration growing up was that bike and Johnny ‘O’Show’ O’Mara.”


Johnny O’Mara was the 1983 AMA 125cc National Motocross and 1984 AMA Supercross Series Champion. In addition to his AMA titles, the O’Show, as his fans like to call him, was part of four American teams that won the prestigious Motocross des Nations, including the first U.S. team ever to win the international competition in 1981. He first came to prominence by winning the 1980 United States 125cc Grand Prix in Lexington, Ohio, and went on to win the 250cc USGP in 1985 in New Berlin, New York. O’Mara was a pioneer in bringing world-class fitness to motocross. He was equally at home competing in triathlons and national-level bicycling competition as he was on a motocross track.

-AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame


As you’ve seen in the video up above, the Honda 450X is now completely torn down and the motor is out. Everything came apart smooth and easy except for the chain master link which was eventually cut off. The bike is getting a new chain anyways so what the heck right!? Forks and other parts have been sent out to be worked on and/or modified. New parts and accessories (which you can order from our site) are on the way to the Davis headquarters. Stay tuned for Part III, coming next week! For now, enjoy the rest of these rad images shot and edited by our Digital Media Manager (the video dude), Matt Welch.


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