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We ride two times in the morning. We ride two times at night. We ride two times in the afternoon, and it makes us feel alright. The Airform Ritemind™ – a ferny green statement for those botanically inclined. Get ready for a head change without the couch lock.


The Icon Airform Ritemind Helmet is designed with the perfect combination of style and performance. It features a sculpted neckline specifically designed to eliminate any interference with jackets or suits. It also features a continuous chin bar venting system that allows riders to ride even on the hottest of days, as well as aggressive body lines and interchangeable spoiler.


The Icon Airform Ritemind Helmet features not only one, but two shields. On the outside you will find a quick-change ICON Optics Shield, available in a wide variety of colors. On the inside you will find an interchangeable drop shield that will come in handy when you want the main face-shield open but still need protection for your eyes against the sun.


A quality exterior needs a quality interior to match, right? Yes it does, and ICON offers you just that — check out the fully removable, washable and sweat-proof interior liners. These HydraDry liners work with the air vents and channels integrated into the helmet to reduce heat build up and keep riders cool all ride long.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Icon OPTICS Shield & Icon OPTICS RST Shield

Icon Airform Rear Spoiler

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