Since its debut, Klim gear has revolutionized off road riding. The Idaho company raised the bar for quality and function. It was a market niche that had been neglected by the big established brands. The success of the company demonstrates the demand for innovative, quality gear.


Klim Mojave Pant

I was one of the first sponsored Klim riders. You will have a hard time finding a photo of me in anything other than Klim gear. In the majority of them, I will be wearing the Klim Mojave Pants.

I recently retired three of my favorite pairs of Mojave in the boot pants. I actually threw them away. It was sort of an odd moment for me. I could not remember ever doing so. In the past I gave my gear away when it was time for new stuff. But when I stopped racing regularly, I also stopped getting new gear each year. So I just kept using what I had until it was completely worn out.

Styling For The 2009 Klim Catalog

It took me a bit to think back and figure out just how long I had been wearing the pants I retired. I think that the last new gear I got was when I went to Romaniacs in 2013. About 4 seasons of heavy use is what I got out of my Mojave pants. Blue is my preferred color and got used the most. I am still wearing the lesser worn red pants from 2013.

I log about 10-15 thousand off road miles per year. Recently I have tested a few other brands. In testing, the wear on the materials of these brands is typically calculated in number of rides. My Klim gear wear is calculated in number of years!

2016 Klim Mojave OTB Pant

In looking to replace my old gear I have one disappointment. My favorite traditional Klim color combinations have been discontinued. I guess I am just getting old, I get used to something and I am slow to embrace change. I have not tested any of the newer model offerings yet.

What I did find is that some of the discontinued 2016 model Mojave over the boot (OTB) pants are still available. So I have just purchased one pair and will probably get another pair. That should last me a couple more years.

2016 Tecate Enduro

If you are a fan of the Klim Dakar pants, the similar 2016 model is still available on close out also. For me, I find the Dakar a bit too warm for most of my riding. For cold weather riding I wear the waterproof Traverse pant. Sizing and color choices are dwindling for these as they leave the shelves.

The list of my very favorite things is pretty short. Gear that performs well is extremely important to me. I spend too much time in it to settle for things that don’t suit me. The Klim pant is one of my basic necessities.