With all the excitement of flashy fenders, aftermarket shocks and slick racing gear, it can be easy to forget the basics. Your cruiser puts a lot of wear and tear on your tires, so you need the best cruiser tires for motorcycles. Whether you’re preparing for a cross-country cruise or upgrading your commuter bike with some sweet treads, check out this head-to-head guide comparing two excellent brands: Metzeler and Bridgestone. Find the perfect set of tires to complete your tricked-out cruiser.

Comparing Cruiser Tires

Because of the sheer variety of cruiser bike tire sizes and brands, it can be difficult to choose the best tires for the job. Before choosing the best cruiser tires, here are a few basic ways to compare cruiser tires:

Tread pattern
Whitewall vs. black wall

Unlike sport bikes and dirt bikes, a good cruiser tire needs to look good and last a long time. When you’re clocking hundreds or thousands of miles on a long-haul road trip you want a set of durable wheels to keep you on the road. Whether you’re rocking a Honda Shadow, Kawasaki Vulcan or other classic cruiser, be sure to choose tires that are designed for your riding style and bike.

In the end, it’s important to determine your riding style. Your cruiser is made to make the miles of open road fly by. A smooth ride is crucial to enjoying your tricked-out ride, which means less aggressive tread, wider tires and thicker, more durable rubber. All tires fall on a spectrum of tread types and rubber thickness, so take a more moderate approach if you’re preparing your cruiser to handle a curvy road or a hilly highway.

Metzeler Tires

Few brands take as much pride in their long history of performance and excellence. Metzeler has been designing and manufacturing tires since 1892 and specializes in high-performance motorcycle tires. From cruisers to racing bikes, you’ll find unique treads, wide tires and a level of quality that is internationally recognized.

Metzeler offers innovative options and high-end German engineering for a wide range of motorcycle tires. If you’re looking for a brand that specializes in premium cruiser tires, Metzeler is the brand for you.

Metzeler cruiser tires offer breathtaking whitewall designs, versatile sizes and excellent life. The Metzeler ME 888 Marathon tires are a perfect example of the kind of style and durability Metzeler is known for. With H-rated speeds up to 130 miles per hour, smooth handling at low speeds and impressively wide rear tire options, it’s a great choice for any custom or OEM cruiser.


Compared to Bridgestone tires, Metzeler cruisers offer wide treads, durable designs and long-lasting quality. The ME 888 Marathon tires in particular offer high mileage ratings for all your road trips.

As bikers themselves, Metzeler understands the importance of cruiser tire designs. Metzeler tire reviews and performance tests all point to their high-octane performance and superior reliability.

There’s nothing more stylish that an aggressively wide whitewall rear tire. Metzeler offers wider rear tires than Bridgestone tires, which gives you extra style points as you show off your bike on and off the road.


All that durability and performance comes at a price. Metzeler tires are typically more expensive than Bridgestone alternatives. Some riders prefer the grip on Bridgestone tires, and the wider rear Metzeler tires aren’t suited for high-speed handling around sharp curves.

Bridgestone Tires

Few brands can compete with Bridgestone in terms of popularity and affordability. We’ve all probably sported these tires on our car or tire at one time. Bridgestone cruiser tires offer world-class quality, competitive pricing and a range of innovative features and technologies designed to make your life easier.

Unique technologies like non-pneumatic tires and puncture-resistant designs are all hallmarks of Bridgestone tires. As a world leader in tire production, you can expect rock-bottom prices and an incredible range of tire designs, styles and performance levels.

A popular tubeless option is the Bridgestone Battlax BT45. This dynamic tire uses Silica compound and dual treads for race-like performance around curves and unexpected bends. It still offers an impressive lifespan for daily use.


When you compare Bridgestone tire reviews with Metzeler tires, the first thing that stands out is the price. No matter how premium your tires are, you’ll eventually need to replace them. Affordable tires help offset the cost of normal wear and tear.

Bridgestone tires come in a variety of types depending on your riding style. For commuter bikes, choose a tire that is harder and smoother. This gives you the longest lifespan for maximum value. Cruising through mountainous terrain or weaving around curves requires stickier tread. Bridgestone offers plenty of mixed-use tires for more dynamic rides.


While Bridgestone tires are a more affordable option, you often get what you pay for. Choosing a lower cost tire typically means you won’t get the same lifespan as a Metzeler tire. Most Bridgestone tires are thinner, so they don’t provide that wide, stunning look of an oversized Metzeler.

The Verdict

Choosing cruiser tires is difficult. Just like your new exhaust or your suspension system, you need to understand your bike and your riding style. Consider your terrain, your cruiser and your riding preference before choosing the best set of tires. Once you’ve fallen in love with a brand, be sure to check out their wide range of models. Both Bridgestone and Metzeler carry an impressive range of cruiser tires, so compare tread types, diameters and widths to find the best tire for your next road trip.

For rugged, long-lasting custom fit motorcycle tires, choose cruiser tires with minimal tread and thick rubber. Metzeler tires are great for the long haul. They also offer a slick look for proudly displaying during pit stops or road shows. Bridgestone tires are rough and ready for a variety of terrains. It’s an affordable brand that can still take a beating and perform well wherever the road takes you. Now that you’ve compared these two high-performance brands head to head, grab your new set of tires and get ready to hit the road.