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Daytona Twin Tec TCFI Gen 4 Fuel Injection Controller

Fully programmable plug-in replacement for the 36 pin Delphi® controller with J1850 data bus. Simultaneously auto-tune fuel curves for front and rear cylinders under actual riding conditions with WEGO IIID dual channel wide-band oxygen sensor interface. Robust alpha-N (throttle position and RPM based) fuel control eliminates problems with long duration/high overlap camshafts. DataFLASH memory stores full 60 minutes of operating data at 10 samples/second. The TCFI kit includes the WEGO IIID dual channel wide-band exhaust gas oxygen interface that allows auto-tuning during dyno tuning or actual on-track riding conditions. The kit includes Bosch LSU 4.2 wide-band sensors for both front and rear cylinders. The user programs a table with the desired air/fuel ratios—the system then does the rest. The TCFI also has built-in data logging that stores data for the last 60 minutes of operation at 10 samples/second. PC communications is by means of a USB interface that plugs directly into the existing H-D diagnostic connector. Windows compatible software allows use of laptop for programming and data analysis.


  • Not compatible with 08-12 Touring models with electronic throttle control or 11-12 Softail; 2012 Dyna models with CAN data bus
  • Extended data logging and diagnostics.
  • Powerful Windows software for custom programming and extended data logging and diagnostics
  • Idle air control including idle RPM and cold start characteristics are fully programmable
  • This facilitates the use of aftermarket throttle bodies with higher airflow
  • For 01-13 Twin Cam using 36 pin Delphi® system with J1850 data bus

Lectron Fuel Systems HD250 Carburetor

Lectron Fuel Systems HD250 Carburetors are the smallest bore carburetor recommended for smaller bore motors or for more torque in larger motors.


  • Made in USA
  • Lectron HD Power Jet 250 (54CI-76CI)
  • Harley Carb with Gen II idle circuit
  • 33″ Barnett Throttle Cable to fit Harley style throttles
  • 3 Bolt Air Filter Adapter (Universal bolt patterns)
  • 2 Bolt Manifold adapter (will also fit stock manifolds)
  • Metering Rod Adjustment Tool
  • Shims to adjust spacing

Cobra Boulevard Freeway Bars

Cobra’s standard Freeway Bars are ultra-shiny, 1-1/4″ diameter chrome-plated, mild-steel for durablility. Carefully designed and constructed for a first-time, hassle-free fit. With larger 1-1/2″ diameter steel tubing, Cobra’s Fatty Bars are stronger, offering a greater level of protection for accidental drops. Because of their larger tubing, they present a greater proportional fit on the larger machines. The bars offer a wider range of fitments and are not limited to the super cruisers.


  • Stylish update to traditional cruiser look with improved functionality
  • Cobra chrome-plated, mild-steel for durability
  • Custom-fit to each model for hassle-free installation
  • Works with all Cobra accessories, including lightbars and floorboards
  • Made in USA

Yoshimura Off-Road RS-4 Signature Series Slip-On Exhaust

RS-4: Pentagonal-shaped muffler Maximized internal volume Polyresonant duplex front chamber Stepped, two-stage core baffle USFS-approved 96dB spark arrestor available

Roland Sands Design Nostalgia Rocker Box Covers

Designed as a direct replacement for your stock valve cover; The Roland Sands Design Nostalgia Rocker Box Covers are a perfect fit every time. The Roland Sands design Rocker Box covers are CNC machined out of Billet and feature a laser engraved RSD logo so you know you got the best out there! Give your machine that nostalgic look that turns heads!


  • Laser-engraved RSD Logo
  • Chrome hardware included
  • Made in USA

Wild 1 Chubby Pullback 6.0″ Drag Handlebars

These 1-1/4″ handlebars are Made in the USA. They are 25% thicker than stock, so you don’t have that wimpy, “pipe cleaner” look of standard 1″ handlebars. They clear the tank and dash on stock model bikes and work with the stock controls and cables, brake line and wiring on most models. They have been designed with fluid bends at precise angles to provide the optimum riding position for maximum comfort and control, and they are pre-drilled for internal wiring, dimpled and features an unparalleled show chrome finish.


  • 1-1/4″ diameter
  • 25% thicker than stock eliminates the wimpy “pipe cleaner” look of standard 1″ handlebars
  • Smooth polished riser welds and pre-drilled for internal wiring
  • Pullback risers are spaced 100mm on center
  • Fits Yamaha and Honda (exc., VTX)
  • Made in USA

Arai VX-Pro4 Combat Helmet

The peak of this helmet is 14mm longer and 5mm wider than the VX-PRO3. Larger relief ports allow more air to escape from under the larger peak to minimize lift/pulling at speed. The chin vent incorporates expanded SS mesh that is moved from the inside to the outside of the shell, providing room to move the EPS chin liner forward to allow more room in the face area. The chin vent has a round and smooth mesh cap to resist snagging and digging and is easily removable with a single screw, that will breakaway, if necessary, in an impact. The Inner Mud Gate can be easily removed for more airflow. The liner components feature FCS cheek pads that have a larger surface area, wrapping under the jaw for more comfort. A removable, replaceable, washable neck roll pad, and 5mm peel away cheek pads and temple pads. The ventilation consists of six upper vents, an upper and lower rear exhaust vent cowl, designed to increase airflow and vacuum exhaust, vents designed to assist holding goggle strap in center position and not slide off, up or down, and an upper rear exhaust vent set designed to accommodate all five shell sizes. Vent is fragile under crash impact, but more durable against smaller contact. It has the same three basic chin intakes, two under peak intakes, six upper exhaust and two lower exhaust. The eye port trim and material has molded rubber trim across the top of the eye port, standoff ribs that help reduce liner wear from goggles while also providing a small gap for airflow and molded goggle strap guides at either side of the eye port trim.


  • Emergency Cheek Pad Removal strap label design for easier use; label acts as pull tab for strap
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards

100% Barstow Classic Carlyle Goggles

The 100% Barstow Classic Carlyle Goggles combine vintage style with modern technology. You can find a triple-layer face foam that provides excellent moisture management, as well as upper vents that force air in and channel out moisture to reduce fogging. These goggles look great on 3/4 helmets, and will provide protection against wind and light roost.


  • Minimal frame design works in union with distinct lens shape to increase visibility
  • Premium strap trim elevates performance and adds rich detail
  • Triple-layer face foam provides excellent moisture management
  • Anti-fog polycarbonate lens with integrated pins for seamless tear-off application
  • Upper vents force air in and channel out moisture to reduce fogging
  • Anti-fog Lexan® lens
  • Includes an extra clear lens, microfiber bag and cleaning cloth

Scott Prospect SR Military Goggles

After an incredible amount of success, Scott is pushing the limits of goggle design one step further. The 2020 Prospect Goggle is here and has everything you are looking for. No Sweat face foam, a maximum field of vision, the innovative SCOTT lens lock system, articulating outriggers and much more. The innovative SCOTT lens lock system that makes the lens stay in the frame no matter what impact is coming from outside. To avoid slipping there is an extra-wide, no-slip silicone strap. This strap, together with articulated outriggers, highly contributes to the improvement of the helmet integration. Last but not least, the Prospect comes with two lenses – chrome and clear – ideal for any weather conditions.


  • Lens lock system
  • Articulated outriggers
  • Three-layer molded face foam
  • Extra-wide 50mm no-slip silicone strap

EVS R4 Race Collar

The R4 is a lightweight, form-fitting race collar offering protection against neck and collarbone injuries. The low profile design makes it a comfortable yet protective piece of gear you can wear on the track or on the trail. Hard molded upper surface disperses energy to the PU core. Hi-tensile, closed-cell PU core absorbs impact energy. Bio-foam liner provides extra impact absorption. Rapid lock closure system for easy front entry. Adjustable rear strut for a customized fit.


  • Weight: 635g
  • Fits riders over 105 lbs. 5’3″

Firstgear Navigator Gloves

The Navigator Gloves are a waterproof and breathable gauntlet-style glove with a drawstring inner gaiter to seal out the elements. Full-leather construction with Chamude® synthetic-leather palm and fourchettes combine to make an overall lightweight glove suitable for all styles of riding. A rubberized hard-knuckle cap provides additional protection.


  • Waterproof-breathable Hipora® membrane lining
  • Rubberized, hard-knuckle cap for additional protection
  • One-handed, drawstring wrist closure, seals out the elements
  • Leather-Chamude® construction, is durable and lightweight
  • Visor squeegee on left thumb
  • Two-year limited warranty

Speed and Strength 6 Shooter Tee

The Speed and Strength® Men’s Six Shooter Tee, is both subtle and serious. You don’t need to show off if everyone can see you’re the real deal. Front and back logos make it clear who’s coming, or who caused what just happened.

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