When someone doesn’t give you what you ask for, you gotta build it yourself — and that’s exactly what Robby Gordon is doing with the production of the all NEW Speed UTV!

Robby Gordon

LIMA, PERU – JANUARY 04: Robby Gordon of team Hummer (USA) on January 4, 2013 in Lima, Peru. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

For those of you who are not aware, Robby Gordon is a professional race-car driver with over 30 years of championship-winning racing experience in NASCAR, CART, IndyCar, Trans-Am, IMSA, IROC, Dakar Rally, and Off-Road Racing. All of Robby’s success in racing has earned him an induction to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. On top of being a world-class racer, Robby is a next-level engineer and fabricator. In fact, many of Robby Gordon’s vehicles have been known to be “ahead of their time”. Although some of Robby’s “in-house” technology has been shared with manufactures like Polaris and Arctic Cat/Textron over the years, nothing will come close to the all NEW Speed UTV. Why do I say that with such confidence? The Speed UTV is designed to outperform every other manufacturer both on paper and in the dirt. Nobody wants to buy a $35,000 UTV that needs another $20,000 in add-ons to A) Look the way you want it & B) Make it as safe as it should be in the first place. Robby Gordon is combining race-proven technology with the knowledge acquired from the flaws and failures of the other UTV’s on the market.

Speed UTV Roll Cage

We’ve all seen OEM roll cages on other UTV’s (cheap, thin walled tube) and how much they lack structural rigidity in the event of a crash or wreck. So why would you settle for anything less than an aftermarket cage? Or better yet, an “OEM” cage that is already equal to if not better than an aftermarket cage? The Speed UTV features a strategically designed chassis made from chromoly tubing. As you can see in the image above, different tube diameters are used throughout the chassis for structural rigidity and weight savings. Stock Speed UTV roll cages are by far stronger than other OEM roll cages but will still be “bolt-on” so that aftermarket manufacturers can produce their own produces. For those of you who are not aware, chromoly tubing is the material required in the world’s most prestigious racing sanctioning bodies such as SCORE International and Best In The Desert. It is mig welded which makes it structurally safer for rollover crash testing – proven in NASCAR and other forms of racing.

SPEED UTV Suspension Design

The entire car is completely thought out in a proper manner. It is designed to simplify repairs and maintenance, as well as decrease spare parts required on hand and the amount of tools you need to carry. Suspension components on the Speed UTV are interchangeable from left to right. The front suspension is made of upper a-arms that are adjustable to change the alignment. The optimized geometry allows for minimal track width change and bump steer. Uprights and spindles are made from forged aluminum. Tie rods are 7075 aluminum. All the front suspension is tied into the patented bulkhead, very similar to the design of Robby Gordon’s Baja 1000 Winning Trophy Truck. Bearings are interchangeable on all 4 corners and are sealed & over sized. Shocks are designed and brought to life in-house. They feature a finned reservoir that rotates 360 degrees on the shock body, allowing you to mount the shock on any of the four corners if you needed to make it back to camp or to the next pit during a race. What!? Who else in the industry has designed a car like that? Literally nobody! The only difference from a front and rear shock is the spring rate and valving. Front CV axles are externally greasable, making it super easy to prep for a last minute weekend trip or race. Rear suspension features true trailing arms with no track width change in the rear. Positive camber at full droop optimizes CV angles for maximum travel. Axle plunge is adjusted with the outer pivot point, not toe. In other words, the chassis and suspension design is by far better than the competition and is shaping up to be a game-changing release for the UTV industry.

Speed UTV Drivetrain

Axles on the Speed UTV are double plunge, 300M stars, the same axles that can be found on race cars such as Robby Gordon’s Dakar race UTV’s. The front and rear ring and pinion are by far the largest in the industry, allowing for better longevity and overall strength. You will find a patented locking CV mechanism built into both the front and rear differentials designed to keep the CV axle in place and doing it’s job. A built-in torque limiter will help reduce impacts between the front and rear end of the car. The transmission was designed with the help of Albins and Weddle, two of the industries leading companies in drive-train technology. The Speed UTV will feature an industry-first 3-speed (P-R-N-LO-HI-CRUISE) CVT with shift on the fly. The torque limiter (essentially a clutch) built into the loading gear is designed to help save the transmission by separating the input shaft from the ring and pinion. It acts like a sponge to slip and absorb large impacts when pushing the vehicle to it’s limits. Clutching will be tuned for 32″ tires from factory, but can easily be adjusted to accommodate tires up to 35″ in diameter.

Speed UTV Engine

The Speed UTV engine is a dual-cylinder 999cc, single turbo engine that features a 98mm bore and 66.2mm stroke. 4 valves per cylinder in a DOHC configuration work in conjunction with 2 injectors per cylinder, forged pistons, forged rods, and a forged crank. Porting is designed by leading NASCAR/Indy Car racing engineers. A dry sump oil circulation system allows for the oil filter to be easily accessible. The ECU is programmed to adjust boost accordingly with a flex-fuel sensor so you don’t need to drain tanks to change fuels. This powerful little engine will make 230 hp on 91 octane pump gas at 20 lbs of boost and will jump up to 300 hp on e85 at 30 lbs of boost. Talk about the ultimate UTV! This thing is going to be wicked. Most will probably never be able to reach the maximum potential of the vehicle.

Where Can I Order a Speed UTV?

The Overall Consensus

All of us at BikeBandit and Vey’s Powersports are extremely excited to see the Speed UTV come to life. On paper, this UTV is by far the best on the market. Only time will tell exactly how it will all transfer over to real life. We’ve seen Robby’s wicked creations in the past, so there’s no doubt in our minds that the Speed UTV will quickly become the leader in the UTV ranks and in the Powersports Industry. If you’re looking for more information on the Speed UTV, click the link down below!


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