Your Shadow Phantom is a metric cruiser that features classic American motorcycle style. Unlike vintage bikes, this machine was created with high-performance Honda engineering. The result is an efficient cruiser that’s a pleasure to drive and a real head-turner. Even though you probably love your machine, chances are there’s still some areas you’d like to improve. While the Honda Shadow Phantom 750 OEM parts are great, you can increase your comfort and performance with aftermarket parts.

Even choosing high-quality parts is a matter of opinion, but mods with outstanding customer ratings tend to be crowd pleasers. Here’s a list featuring some of the best Honda Shadow Phantom 750 aftermarket mods:

1. Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks

Cruisers were made to cruise, and while the OEM Honda Shadow Phantom 750 suspension gets the job done it’s not that comfortable. The Progressive Suspension 412 Series shocks are nitrogen charged, with multi-staged velocity sensitive valving to adapt to the speed and weight of your bike. Choose standard, progressive, or heavy-duty spring rates to provide the right amount of damping for your riding style. They even come in chrome or black covers and springs to match your Shadow Phantom’s color scheme.

2. National Cycle Heavy Duty Low Boy Windshield

Not everyone loves the windscreen look, but this part is practically a necessity for minimizing wind fatigue. If you prefer open-face helmets like many cruiser riders, this also shields your face from nasty road debris and bugs. The National Cycle Heavy Duty Low Boy is a shorty windshield, making it a nice compromise if you want the protection with a less noticeable impact on your style. It’s Lexan Polycarbonate with Quantum™ hard coat is much stronger than acrylic models while still giving you a clear view of the road.

3. Kuryakyn Velociraptor Air Cleaner

Your engine is basically a controlled explosion, so it needs plenty of oxygen to keep that ignition going. That’s why aftermarket mod projects almost always include installing new exhaust systems and air kits. The Kuryakyn Velociraptor ups your airflow by including a high-quality K&N washable filter. This velocity stack even features a super ring insert to cover the mounting bolts for consistent air intake. Its unique look is another bonus, epitomizing the cruiser style while being versatile enough to match different aesthetics.   

4. Cobra Boulevard 2″ Drag Exhaust System

When you have more air coming in, you need a better exhaust system to increase the flow of spent gases. The Cobra Boulevard 2″ Drag exhaust system doesn’t just perform better than the stock exhaust, it also looks better. The pipes coming off of it give your machine an aggressive, powerful style. Made in the USA, the system is durable but lightweight. It’s hard not to love the throaty growl of this muffler, giving you a deep sound without the extra noise.

5. JT Sprockets Steel Sprocket

While you can modify your engine all you want, ultimately your motorcycle runs off the same chain drive as a regular bicycle. Replacing your rear sprocket with an aftermarket model can enhance your speed or reduce your highway RPMs. JT Sprockets steel sprockets are computer designed for the optimum strength-to-weight ratio. The rear sprockets are formed with high-carbon steel for a durability lesser metals can’t match. Choose a 38-tooth sprocket if you’re planning on doing high-speed riding or a 42-tooth model if you want smoother highway riding.

6. ProGrip 862 Touring Gel Motorcycle Grips

Cruising is more fun when you aren’t getting your teeth rattled out of your skull. You can’t avoid all vibration but dampening the contact points such as your hands and feet certainly helps. ProGrip 862 Touring gel grips use layers of material and gel inserts to absorb the thumping of your engine. Designed for long-distance touring bikes, they’ve got enough performance for a cruiser. They have an understated black and chrome look that’s ideal for your Shadow Phantom.

7. Cobra Boulevard Front Floorboard Kit

Keep a comfortable riding position for long, smooth rides with the Cobra Boulevard Front Floorboard kit. It’s hard to really lean back and relax on your ride without a good set of floorboards. These boards from Cobra Boulevard have plenty of space for your boots and reduce vibration from your machine. It’s made in the USA from dependable materials including steel and billet aluminum. The black and chrome coloring even lends a neutral but classic style that matches the ProGrip 862s.

8. Kuryakyn ISO-Pegs With Offset Mounts

Kuryakyn footpegs make riding more comfortable and controlling your cruiser easier. These ISO-pegs look great and the ridges keep your boot from slipping off during the ride. The reason they’re one of the best Honda Shadow Phantom 750 accessories is the offset mounting system. It allows for 360 degrees of rotation around a 4-inch circle to accommodate different leg lengths and riding positions. You can install it quickly and easily and it’s even easier to adjust.

9. Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tires

The Michelin Commander IIs are consistently among the best-rated Honda Shadow Phantom 750 tires. The dense construction gives you a better feel for the road than most rubber and the tread grips the asphalt in wet or dry conditions. However, you wouldn’t get reviews this glowing without the tires’ incredible durability. Independent testing found the Commander IIs provide almost twice the mileage of their competitors. You not only save money, you save yourself the hassle of having the change your tires as often.

10. National Cycle Chromed Steel Lightbar

Cruisers compete for space on the road better than smaller motorcycles, but sometimes you still feel invisible. The National Cycle Chromed Steel lightbar gives you more illumination at night and increases the conspicuity of your machine during the day. It easily fits under any windshields you may have installed and doesn’t mess with your Honda Shadow Phantom 750 fenders. Pre-wired and fully assembled, they are DOT approved and made in the USA.

Aftermarket parts are as much about customizing your motorcycle for you as they are modifying its performance. Shop the best parts for your Honda Shadow Phantom 750 and feel your solid cruiser turn into something truly exceptional.