While there is justifiably a lot of attention given to purchasing helmets and jackets when thinking about protective gear, it’s also important to pay attention to what you are wearing on the lower half of your body. Of course, if you are planning to hit the track you definitely need an entire track suit in order to ensure safety. But if you tend to be more of a street rider, you may think that slapping on a regular pair of jeans and is good enough.

However, if you are a serious rider who spends hours in the saddle, even if you’re just commuting to your house to work and back again, it’s time to consider investing in a pair of motorcycle-specific jeans. Motorcycle jeans are motorcycle pants for riding and everyday wear. They are designed to give you a higher level of protection while on the bike and also be comfortable and relaxed enough to wear for hours off the bike. This may seem like a very tall order, but given the high demand for motorcycle jeans, you’d be surprised how many options there are on the market to choose from. Many of them are very affordable. Plus, there are tons of different styles out there. Whether you like a more relaxed fit jean or a skinny fit, or if you prefer a dark wash, a light wash, or even black jeans, it’s all available.

Here, we have curated a list of the best motorcycle jeans in 2020. We believe that the following list of jeans offer the best in terms of comfort, price point, and protection.

Motorcycle Jeans for Men

If you are looking for an easy-going and relaxed style of motorcycle jean, look no further than the REV’IT Philly Jeans. Not only do these provide a high level of protection, they are also highly rated for their comfort. These jeans feature an outer shell of 12.5oz Cordura denim and they are also mixed with a Coolmax element for comfort. The lining is comprised of poly cotton twill to easily wick away sweat.

In terms of protection, the REV’IT Philly Jeans are no slouch. They feature Knox Lite CE protection at the knees to protect you in the event of a spill, and they also can take extra armor at the hips if desired. They are built with a loose fit for comfort and easy-going style. They also close at the front with a zipper fly, just like traditional jeans. If you have a lot of things to carry with you, you’ll certainly appreciate the five pockets.

Another very popular motorcycle jean option for men are the Drayko Renegade Riding Jeans. These jeans are very highly rated for their comfort, and many people who are looking for a pair of riding pants that aren’t leathers end up going with the Draykos for their low price and high comfort ratings.

Another perk to purchasing the Draykos is the choice between classic denim blue and black. These also have a traditional relaxed fit for comfort. For protection, these jeans are comprised of Kevlar and Dyneema to help absorb abrasion if dragged across pavement. In certain tests, it was proven that the Drayko jeans outlasted the competition by almost 2.5 times. Additionally, these come with a stretch element to move with your body throughout the day and ensure comfort.

Motorcycle Jeans for Women

If you are a lady who is looking for a well-fitting pair of motorcycle jeans that can also take you through rough weather, then look no further than the REV’IT Women’s Orlando H2O Jeans. These jeans are laminated and 100% waterproof. However, they present as a regular pair of fashion jeans and even have five convenient pockets. They are made out of a poly cotton stretch denim for comfort and SEESMART knee protectors to ensure safety in the event of a fall. They can also take Tryonic hip protectors if desired.

One of the very clever things about the Orlando H2O Jeans is in their construction. REV’IT actually moved the traditional crotch seam of the jeans in order to make moving in the saddle of the bike much more comfortable. This means that these jeans can take you for hours in the saddle and it’ll feel like you were wearing very protective pajamas. And even though these jeans are waterproof, the three layers of fabric used to construct them ensures a high level of flexibility and breathability.

If you are the kind of lady who prefers a more relaxed fit jean as opposed to the more trendy skinny fit, then you will enjoy the Fly Street Women’s Forturess Jeans. These are a very relaxed fit and give the impression of traditional, no fuss needed, slouchy, comfortable jeans. But while these jeans give off a very relaxed impression, the protection they offer is anything but relaxed. These jeans are made of 12 oz denim as well as DuPont Kevlar fiber panels that cover over 70% of the jean’s surface.

In addition to the built-in Kevlar panels, these jeans also offer knee armor. Like many other motorcycle jean offerings on the market, the Fly Street jeans also can take additional hip armor if desired.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more stylish slim fit, look no further than the AlpineStars Women’s Daisy Riding Jeans. Another major plus to these jeans is that while they do come with standard knee protection, the knee protection can be removed. This can help increase comfort if you plan on riding while wearing these to a specific location and then spending a lot of time at the location where you do not need knee protection.

Unlike many other types of motorcycle jean, the Daisy jeans come with removable head protection as well. This makes the Daisy a very good bargain purchase, given all of the features that come along with it.

With so many options on the market, figuring out how to chose motorcycle jeans can be somewhat overwhelming. However, no matter what option you choose, motorcycle jeans are sure to make your rides much more comfortable and safer. The best motorcycle jeans for you are out there.

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