Video by: Matt Welch, Media Manager
BikeBandit Athlete, Micah Davis and owner of TMC Co., Tom Contino, show us a one of a kind 1974 Husqvarna 250 Mag. Micah will be racing this vintage dirt bike this year and supporting BikeBandit as we will be supporting him!

Tom Contino

Tom Contino is the owner of TMC Co. — an arrive and ride vintage dirt bike rental company based out of Hesperia, CA. Years of experience in the garage, his career at Snap-On Tools, and his love for motorcycles have created a unique platform for him to do what he loves and share his passion with others.

Micah Davis

Micah Davis is the ultimate Weekend Warrior. It’s no surprise that a man like Tom Contino chose him as the rider to build the “BikeBandit Bullet” around. His unique styling and excellent riding ability match the persona of this old-school Husqvarna 250 Mag perfectly.

Vintage Moto

For 2020 — Micah Davis, Tom Contino, and the BikeBandit Bullet will be at the Husky Championships, the So-Cal Vintage Classic, Mammoth, Day In The Dirt, and the CZ World Championships.

Build Breakdown

The BikeBandit Bullet is a 1974 Factory Works Bike that was completely gone through. Every nut, every bolt, and every washer is made of either titanium or aluminum. It uses titanium screws on the side of the wheels that create a bead lock style fit. Dave Miller at Dave Miller Concepts made a custom exhaust for it. A total of 42 lbs. were shaved from the original weight of this vintage machine!


Tom Contino & Micah Davis
Tom Contino & Micah Davis
Photos by: Matt Welch, Media Manager
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