Rob: What’s going on? Rob Fish here from with Tyler from Memphis Shades bringing you the lowdown on more of their great products.

Welcome back, Rob Fish here with Tyler from Memphis Shades. And here we’re gonna talk about the Cafe Fairing, a fantastic product. This is again your baby so I mean, I would sit there and I obviously would know how it would mount, but universal as a fairing?

Tyler: Right now, this is our newest fairing in the lineup. We just debuted this at the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo in February, and so right now we are Harley Davidson Sportster and Dyna fitments. And we’re always expanding the lineup but for now, that’s where we’re at.

Rob: Pretty Slick. Pretty slick. What is…what’s the…is it a shield? It’s all in one piece. It looks like it’s separate.

Tyler: Yeah, it’s a one-piece design. What we do, we form this out of Lucite which is an acrylic. It’s thermoformed plastic and we form it out of this lightly tinted material and you see the two-tone effect here. What that is on the backside, that’s actually screen printed to give you on the outside of the fairing, it gives you the opaque look. But because the color is on the backside you never have to worry about it chipping or anything like that, it’s always protected.

Rob: That is slick, I mean I literally I just took it out of the packaging and I was like “Oh ,it’s two-piece.” And then I actually took a closer look at it and it’s one-piece. That’s, you fooled me. It fooled me.

Tyler: It’s a really, really simple and clean design. You know, you see the two colors from the front here and of course, when it comes out of the box it is this gloss black finish. It’s ready for paint so if you want to custom paint it, it’ll match your bike, anything you want to do you can do that. We etch in a witness line around, you know, to separate the two colors so that you can easily tape it off. If you want to get really custom with it and you want it completely solid, you could fill that in and paint it completely solid also. It’s really, we’re providing you with a really stylish, really effective fairing but then we’re giving you the tools to customize it to your bike.

Rob: Okay, I mean right off the bat I’m gonna just say it, “That’s bad ass.” I mean, I’m not to say that I’m really difficult to fool, I mean really. But that is, that is awesome. Decent amount of wind protection, totally customizable, and you could leave it in the gloss black.

Tyler: Oh yeah. For sure, and a lot of people do.

Rob: Just two mount holes on either side.

Tyler: Yeah, two mount holes on either side. What you’re gonna do when you order this, it’s actually gonna be two-part numbers in the shopping cart. You’re gonna find this Cafe Fairing, you’re gonna drop that in your shopping cart and then you’re gonna go find your hardware kit for your specific bike. Now with the hardware kit, the cool thing about it, it uses our trigger lock hardware. So it’s gonna, on the Dynas and Sportsters it uses four fork clamps, two on each side of course, and they’re just gonna kind of click in on the bike.

So you’re gonna have the plates that bolt onto the bike, the plates bolt in here and then your gonna have your fork clamps on the bike and it’s just a drop and lock kind of situation there. On and off in seconds, so if you want this cool look going down the road, getting that wind protection, you can have it. If you just want to bomb around town at night or something like that, you can pop the thing off really, really easy, and you’re back to bare bones.

Rob: And you got a?

Tyler: A bezel there.

Rob: A bezel around the headlight with obviously a cutout.

Tyler: Yeah. The headlight bezel right there, that really fills the gap around the headlight, it really makes it look like it needs to fit on the motorcycle. Now the cutout on this model, is for the Sportsters and the Dynas that have the headlight adjustment towards the bottom, that clearances around that part of the bike.

Rob: Sweet. Made in the U.S.?

Tyler: Oh yeah. Everything that has Memphis Shades on it is gonna be made about 30 miles outside Memphis, right there in the heart of Tennessee.

Rob: Well that is just, I mean again, that’s awesome. That is sweet. Totally customizable, multiple bike fitment, but bike-specific on the mounts.

Tyler: Yes.

Rob: Okay. So remember that when you put it in your shopping cart, you actually have two different part numbers, one for the Cafe Fairing and two for the mount specific to your bike, your model number. Well, this is awesome, man. Very cool. And again made in the U.S.A. so that’s…I like that, that’s kind of my thing, you know.

Tyler: Yeah, it’s really neat at the factory, you know, we’ve got 84,000-square foot facility in a small town called Rossville. Just outside of Memphis and it’s raw materials in and fairings out. You know, it’s really a neat process.

Rob: It’s beautiful.

Tyler: Everything is very high quality. Two-year warranty on everything we make. And I can tell you one thing, the people that have been riding with this and putting it on their motorcycles, they’re loving it.

Rob: That’s what we like to hear. Happy customers. That’s what we want you to be. So, take a good look at the Cafe Fairing from Memphis Shades. Tyler, I appreciate your time. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Rob Fish, we’re, we’ll see you soon.

Well, there you have it. From Memphis Shades, that’s their Cafe Fairing. Hope we brought you up to speed on any and every aspect of that fairing. As always, if you’ve got questions, please never hesitate. You can click right there from the homepage. You can click on the little help tab. That goes right to the sales department, they’ll answer any questions that you got in regards to fitment, etc. Remember that’s two part number in your shopping cart. If you already know you want it, go ahead and add it to your shopping cart and there you have it. Easy as that. I’m Rob Fish. We’re We love you, you should like us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. Do two things, subscribe to our YouTube channel and bookmark us in your favorites. Until next time, enjoy the ride. We’ll see you soon.

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