BikeBandit knows, the time is now for women riders.

I was a unicorn once upon a time. When I first started riding motocross, I was usually the only female on a big bike on the main track. People quite literally stopped and watched me unload my CR250 and kick start it “all by myself.” Fast forward to 2020 and I am a unicorn no more. Today is quite different for women riders. Not only is it totally common to see numerous women at the track, it’s not uncommon to see one or two sailing over your head!

With so many girls who started young and are now coming up through the ranks, the talent level has risen, as well as the numbers. Even as my lap times remained consistent, the growing tide of talent was making me feel like I was going backwards in ability. Was this a bad thing? Not in the least! How exciting to see the women’s experts now lined up on row 1 instead of row 3 at grand prix races! How wonderful that women racers now had their own full gate at the motocross races, and that more fans are watching! More exciting yet was seeing some of the truly incredible women rising to the levels of men’s pro in recent years.

Factory rally racer Laia Sanz began competing among the top ranks of FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championships, Vicki Golden became the first woman to ever qualify for an AMA Supercross, Shelina Moreda and Melissa Paris are going toe-to-toe with the best AMA Pro Road Racers in the nation. Shayna Texter is not only competing alongside the men in AMA Flat Track Racing, but is a top championship contender!

Of course, it’s not only about the elite. Altogether, women riders of all ages, abilities and disciplines have commanded respect from the powersports industry, from our skill level to our buying power. While we can share a starting grid with the men, one thing we don’t have to share is our gear. Greater participation in motorsports has brought with it more attention for women riders, and thanks to companies such as Thor, Klim and Oxford, there is more at our fingertips than ever before.

Here is a look at some premium choices in motocross, off-road, adventure and street gear, much of it designed and styled by women riders, themselves!

Oxford Women’s Bradwell Jacket

Style, protection, fit, comfort and function—there’s no reason they can’t all come together in one incredible piece. Take a look at the Oxford Women’s Bradwell Jacket and see not only the great style, but the details, layers and protective quality built in. It’s pretty incredible what can be accomplished with today’s textiles, blending lightweight comfort with durable protection, or breathability with waterproofing. Oh, and did I mention style? Put me down for the Oxblood Red!

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Oxford Women’s Dakota 2.0 Jacket

Proof that comfort and protection don’t have to add bulk, take a look at the sleek Oxford Women’s Dakota 2.0 Jacket. The contoured fit, long lines and fun color-accent options make this jacket a great choice for everyday street riders. Inside that form-fitting jacket is a thermal layer, precurved arms, vents, pockets, windproof/waterproof material and built-in waist and hip adjustment to ensure the ideal fit, comfort and function. Ride smart with good protection at a great price, all while looking good.

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Klim Women’s Artemis Jacket

Take a walk down the ultra-premium aisle of and you’ll find Klim, and some incredible top-tier adventure wear for women. When you’re in it for weeks on end, adventuring across continents through all-weather conditions, it’s less about fashion and all about function. Storage, fit, performance, comfort… there’s so much going on with this jacket it takes a 10-minute instructional video to review it all. But all you need to know is that this is the ultimate in women’s ADV gear. Designed for women adventure riders, by women adventure riders. Yes, it’s pricey but for a good reason: It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

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Klim Women’s Arise Vest

Motorcycle gear that can double as trendy activewear? Yes please! While their premium adventure gear may be all about function, style is by no means overlooked by the lady designers at Klim. Take a look at the Arise Vest, available in four different colors with a removable faux-fur-rimmed hood. Use it as a thermal layer, wear it with hiking gear or even keep it casual. Thinsulate insulation and stretch panels at the side seams mean core-hugging, form-fitting warmth for just about anywhere. What’s not to love?!

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Klim Women’s Artemis Pants

Of course, there are pants to go with all these jackets and vests. The Klim Women’s Artemis Pant is the perfect pairing for the Artemis Jacket. All the premium function and protection of the men’s gear, and the cut and finish designed for women riders, by women riders.

The pant sizes are available not only from 0-16, but in Regular and Tall options, as well! Like I said, never before has there been this level of options for women riders!

A further example of Klim’s dedication to women riders, adventurers, off-roaders and snow-goers is the company’s dedicated social channels. Check out @klimwomen on Instagram to see the ladies Klim doing what they do best, and all the latest premium gear for ladies only.

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Thor Women’s Pulse Fader Jersey/Pants

For far too long, the women’s offerings in the off-road and motocross divisions were the low-end men’s option with a slightly slimmer cut, dyed pink. For too long, serious women riders were forced to shop in the men’s department if they were looking for real quality, protection and durability. Not anymore. Fortunately that paradigm has shifted over the past decade, with some companies farther ahead of the curve than others. Thor is another company that has brought women riders into its design teams in order to appeal to the ever-growing female clientele. Thor’s Women’s Pulse Fader Jersey/Pants is the latest offering for ladies, and currently my personal gear of choice. With great fit, quality materials and tasteful style that demonstrates we don’t need pink sparkles to be feminine, Thor managed to offer a mid-price high-quality gear set for ladies who like to look good while pounding out laps. Look for me out there in the purple/black!

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Sidi Women’s X-3 Lei Boots

It’s one of those things you don’t fully realize until you put it on. Is a women’s foot really so different from a man’s (of comparable size)? When you slide your foot into something like the Sidi Women’s X-3 Lei Boots, specifically designed around a women’s last, you’ll suddenly understand exactly what you’ve been missing. Sidi’s lady-off-road boot is another thing you’ll find in my gear bag. And even if the blue/pink color scheme (which I love) doesn’t exactly match my red/yellow/black gear set, the X-3 Lei boots are always a perfect match for my slim foot and high arch. Do yourself a favor and check out the options for women among all boot manufacturers. The quality parallels the men’s footwear and the fit is something you never knew you always needed.

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With so much available for women riders, I’m also happy to report that shopping for it all in one place just got easier! now has a dedicated section for women’s gear where you will find anything and everything for lady riders of all walks (err…  wheels).

The best part about it is you will also find all things unisex in the same sections. Hats, socks, hydration packs, goggles, helmets are all in there, as well. You’ll even find accessories like tires, comms, video camera mounts. The women’s section will show you all of it (everything but the men’s gear) so you don’t have to run separate searches—BikeBandit gets it. So shop away, ladies, there’s never been more, it’s never been better, and it’s all here!