Yamaha has long been a leader in the motorcycle sector. That is for good reason, as the company makes some of the most compelling motorcycles on the road today. Whether you are thinking about buying your first bike or upgrading an existing one, you may be contemplating purchasing a Yamaha FZ-08 or FZ-09. You must be careful, though. Even though these bikes have similar names, a look at Yamaha FZ-08 and Yamaha FZ-09 specs reveals two substantially different machines.

The Yamaha FZ-08 

Yamaha made its FZ-08 to replace its popular and reliable FZS600. Because the FZS600 was nothing short of a workhorse, riders became accustomed to its rugged appearance and dependable performance. Yamaha’s designers took notice, keeping many of the rugged aspects of the FZS600 when creating the Yamaha FZ-08.

Yamaha FZ8 specs are about what you would expect from a naked motorcycle that hit the market in 2010. The FZ-08 has a 779cc inline-four engine which gives you 105 horsepower at 10,000 rpm. At 8,000 rpm, you can expect approximately 60 lb-ft of torque.

As far as dimensions go, the Yamaha FZ-08 is decidedly standard. With a wet weight of 468 pounds, the FZ-08 is neither overly heavy nor lightweight. The FZ-08 is 84 inches long and 48.2 inches tall, with a seat height of 32.1 inches.

The Yamaha FZ-09 

The motor on the Yamaha FZ-09 is different from that on the FZ-08. That is, the FZ-09 has an 847cc engine that offers 113 horsepower at 10,000 rpm. At 8,500 rpm, you can expect 63 lb-ft of torque from the three-cylinder engine.

The wet weight on the Yamaha FZ-09 is 414 pounds. The motorcycle 81.7 inches long and 32.1 inches tall with a seat height of 32.1 inches. The wheelbase on this bike is 56.7 inches. Further, the fuel tank can hold 3.1 gallons of gasoline.

A Comparison 

When comparing the Yamaha FZ-09 and FZ-09, the first thing you are apt to notice is the size difference. Put simply, the FZ-08 is a bigger bike by a few inches in every direction. The seat height, though, is the same on both machines.

If you are looking for a compact bike, the FZ-09 is sure to appeal to you. While the wheelbase and overall dimensions of the FZ-09 are smaller than the FZ-08, the ride does not feel compact. On the contrary, because the FZ-09’s designers chose to stick with the FZ-08’s seat height, you have a more comfortable riding position even with small motorcycle dimensions. That is, you tend to sit more upright on the FZ-09 than on its FZ-08 counterpart. For long trips and short rides alike, you are certain to appreciate the enhanced ride comfort.

The space between your legs is also narrower on the FZ-09 than on the Yamaha FZ-08. If you prefer a slimmer riding stance, the FZ-09 is probably the bike for you. Additionally, while the FZ-09’s foot bags are a tad lower than those on the FZ-08, you can lean up to 51 degrees on the FZ-09. That is probably enough lean to accomplish most of your riding goals.

If speed is your thing, you should recognize how the weight disparity between the two bikes is apt to help with both acceleration and top speed. As mentioned, the FZ-09 is lighter than the FZ-08. A bit of math reveals a considerable difference. That is, the FZ-09 is 54 pounds lighter.

When it comes to max torque and power, the Yamaha FZ-09 delivers a more dynamic performance than the FZ-08. While maximum horsepower and torque are in the same neighborhood, the FZ-08 delivers 8 more horses at 10,000 rpms. The punchline is the same for torque, with the FZ-09 beating the FZ-08 by 3 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm.

While these bikes compare similarly, there are enough differences to make any avid rider pay attention. Which bike is right for you likely depends on a few factors, including your overall objectives and budget.

The Verdict 

It can be difficult to determine whether one bike is better than another. After all, every rider has goals he or she wants to accomplish. Accordingly, while one bike may be ideal for a rider, a different one may better mesh with another rider’s style.

We don’t want to sit on the fence, though. When considering whether the Yamaha FZ-09 or FZ-08 is the better bike, we look at overall performance and ride quality. If you aren’t looking for a large motorcycle, the FZ-09 is the better bike.

Put simply, the Yamaha FZ-09 has a powerful engine that beats the FZ-08 in both power output and torque. While it is smaller than the FZ-08, the FZ-09 offers a more comfortable seating position. It also has comparable seat height to the FZ-08, making the FZ-09 appropriate for even taller riders.

Further, while you are likely to purchase either an FZ-08 or FZ-09 on the used market, the original sales prices of both machines may factor into how much you must pay for your new motorcycle. When the FZ-08 left the factory, it retailed for just under $8,900. New, the FZ-09 was about $1,000 cheaper, selling for $7,900.

Aftermarket and OEM Parts 

Now that you see the important differences between the Yamaha FZ-09 and FZ-08, you can decide which bike is right for you and your riding style. Of course, after you purchase your new bike, you want to be sure you keep it in good working condition. Often, installing top-grade components is the most effective way to preserve the condition, value and appearance of any machine.

Fortunately, you do not have to wonder if components you are installing on your FZ-09 have the reliability and durability you expect. Instead, shop for the best Yamaha FZ-09 aftermarket and OEM parts from a distributor you already know and trust. If you are looking for the Yamaha FZ-8 aftermarket and OEM parts, you can pick them up as well.

Regardless of the bike you ride, you simply can’t lose when you order top-quality components before working on your machine. Find what you need and complete your order today.

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