A "Games > Sci-Fi" fan-fiction story. Here is the second chapter of Fallout, which is a Mass effect fanfiction. Mass Effect: Son of Shepard ... (A Thane Krios/Mass Effect Love Story) March 27, 2014 Hiyori Iki . When another member of the crew calls her a prostitute, he objects heavily to the word. Romance Appearances. Action Fanfiction Science Fiction Mass Effect Renegade. Female Shepard (Mass Effect) Shane Shepard. Mass Effect: Son of Shepard - Victoria - Wattpad Ultimate Ultron 3. He's a spacer. Project Gethinator is another comedic Mass Effect fanfic, and the sequel to Inglorious Bosh'tets by 500 Metric Tonnes of Palladium.. Chapter 5 - Garrus Vakarian. Fanfiction Romance Science Fiction Mass Effect Mass Effect 2 Video Game ... Fem Shep Female Shepard Garrus Vakarian Garrus Kaidan Fluff Hurt Comfort Garrus X Shepard After losing her family to slavers, losing her squad to a thresher maw, and losing her life, Shepard is considered by most to be unbreakable. Follow/Fav Mass Effect: Ghost of the Terminus. Dark and ruthless, this story is not a paragon; it's the story of the pain of the human experience. Mass Evil Chapter 1: Prologue, a mass effect fanfic | FanFiction. A whole new side of Mass Effect Long before a game ever hits retail shelves, it comes into existence as an idea. Ashley Williams (MR They aren’t the hardcore fans, writing fanfiction, making fanart, and baking fancookies, but they know Mass Effect. Shortly after escaping Earth, Shepard received a communication from Admiral Hackett, ordering the commander to the Prothean Archives on Mars, where humanity first discovered mass effect technology. ... their mistress or use their abilities for evil purposes. An inclusive place for fanfiction in the Mass Effect fandom -- OC, recs and discussion. Mass Evil Chapter 1, a mass effect fanfic | FanFiction. The E nhanced D efense I ntelligence, or EDI (pronounced 'Ee-Dee' [ˈiːdiː]), is an AI created by Cerberus and installed aboard the Normandy SR-2. However, he was also clear about the fact that Shepard being indoctrinated was never on the cards at BioWare - it's a theory that was completely born from fans. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Harry Potter and Mass Effect universe. Mass Effect Stories Shepard Traitor Soldier Spy - Prologue. Shepard knew their planetary flyby would require they drift for some time with little to do. Shepard Five friends fight an evil virus named XANA, but a much greater threat is coming…. ... Shepard, please come down to the Comm Room and bring Alenko with you, thank you. User Info: NPUser3000. The two are not mutually exclusive and most players end up as a balance between Paragon and Renegade by the end of the game. At the end of the mission, Shepard battles the Reaper's still-intact core protected by an army of Husks, after which the Reaper is destroyed completely. Mass Effect FanFiction Archive | FanFiction For some reason, something would always go wrong with our first Shepard, whether it's making the neck too thin, the eyes too small, or slapping on some embarrassingly bad makeup. If you are… EDI There are times where all it takes is the right voice to help you realize the greatness within to conquer the painful evil without. Shepard may die - Shepard's galaxy may die - but she has done enough to buy time for the true hero of the Mass Effect series to ensure future victory over the Reapers. Lived aboard starships most of his life." The pre-made Shepard for the quickstart option is a male Soldier named John, with the … Instead of being hailed as Councilor, she's called an Alliance traitor. Commander Shepard | Mass Effect Wiki | Fandom In 2170 Mindoir was raided by batarian slavers, killing or enslaving the entire colony. Doing so has minor consequences in Mass Effect 2, simply due to its late game role, but it's simple an illusory choice come Mass Effect 3. You wanted a job done no matter the cost, send Shepard that's what the Alliance said. Renegade Shepard has little if any sympathy towards the plights of others and prefers instead to order angsting allies to "get over it". Mass Effect is a series all about choices, and one of the first major choices you make is on whether or not to save the Rachni Queen. Follow Ty Shepard, son of the legendary Commander Shepard who saved the galaxy three times. John Shepard —later known throughout the galaxy as " The Shepard "—is a legendary N7 soldier in the Systems Alliance military, the first human Spectre, and the main protagonist of the Mass Effect trilogy. A showdown of epic proportions will be unleashed when the Hound of Mandalore takes on the Butcher of Torfan as Boba Fett and Jane Shepard meet head-to-head in the Mass Effect Universe during the setting of the first game. Renegade Shepard (Mass Effect) Paragon Shepard (Mass Effect) Dad Kaidan; Biotic Shepard (Mass Effect) Summary. Commander Shepard, The Butcher of Torfan. Shepard is the infamous Ghost of the Terminus! A renegade with the heart of a paragon. Related: Kelly Chambers Has Her Mass Effect 3 Design In Both Games Now, Fans Divided The first Mass Effect might be the worst offender. Mass Effect 2. He had been working on that very question. Orphaned after the pirate raid of Mindoir, John Shepard has been clawing his way through life ever since. By: Reviewer543. Mass Effect 3. Watch the legend unfold as he takes on Rogue Spectre Saren Arterius and discovers the galaxy's darkest secret. Chapter 1 - Jane Shepard. Taking place a decade before Shepard's famous glory days, join Vash in his fight for his freedom and the inherent right to knowledge, but be wary- there is a danger looming on the … Of Mass Effect Andromeda and fanfiction. Author's Note: This is the story of Vash J Chambers, a Cerberus operative who wakes up on a strange space station and realizes something is horribly wrong. The original trilogy was an action-packed space opera, and players met all sorts of deep, charming, and engaging characters in the 22nd century. An enormous dreadnought larger than any other ship in any known fleet, Sovereign is crewed with both geth and krogan. Fic only, no fanart or fanvids. In a universe where Shepard left the Alliance after the lack of support post-Akuze, she meets Jack and they become space pirates.

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