There’s a 95.7 % chance that Fox was the one in the wrong and she is accusing Lila. Marichat! Yes she was friends with Marinette. My best boyfriend? Marinette wonders if Alya expects an apology for lunch. He was sad when he has thought that Marinette doesn't love him and maybe have feeling for Luka (why to be desappointment if she was really just a friend. Late night akumas were always terrible, but not just because of the time. The Akuma was created because of that online mess. * Marinette: Okay. And the reason she didn't believe Marinette that Lila was lying is because she had no proof. I love Ladybug all the way! You let them get away on purpose." adrienette … 100 Marinette is not "just a friend" to Adrien ideas in ... Fanfic: When the battle game is lost and won Ch 1 ... I found more reasons after talking to a friend. You might even be happy for a change." Adrienette moments from S2 that prove Marinette is not ... ShEs-JuSt-A-fRiEnD added the project <3 12:50 p.m. On May 18, 2021; _MarinetteIsLadybug_ added the project Me And My Freinds! "Yeah, whatever. Finally, the class passed and Juleka was able to get to Marinette without gaining attention, seeing as Lila was once again spinning a new tale. In this episode, Marinette ends up befriending the world-famous rock star Jagged Stone. And this isn't just a passing acquaintance, either. In a later episode, Jagged asks Marinette to design the cover to one of his albums, which ends up becoming a chart-topping bestseller. Marinette can keep another one of her friends but Adrien loses Kagami too. Also can I just say, ... That is most certainly not the way I would look at … Princess approaches. Probably it was her luck swinging back after so many days of good luck. More Than Just a Friend. In this alternative universe, are you tempted to participate in "incest" so that you can have Marinette? Idol ~~ {CatNoir} by Wolf_lover2009. How many times has the thoroughly thought it over? Not Marichat! He doesn't want to lose her as a friend. Target One, Calcumax, is a few metres away, tapping numbers into a calculator. (More proof that A likes M) ... For example, Adrien/Chat Noir does LIKE Marinette, but he calls her a friend because he believes that to like Marinette would be to betray his love for Ladybug. Marinette is just a friend! Lead the way. Sorry but no. and he clearly considers them “both” super important in his life, and cares about “them” deeply. Adrien Doesn't Even Know Himself That He Has Feelings For Marinette, I Think He'll Realize Soon That Marinette's The Person He Needs To Go After...(By The Way, Please Don't Take This As … Why do so many people say Alya is a bad friend? | Fandom Things Only Adults Notice In Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir. AO3, FFN 2: Operation: Find the Prince Adrien peeps around the pillar. signs that adrien “always felt [Marinette] was more than ... The S3 finale was pretty disappointing - to all love square shippers. Why not give it a shot and see if you're right. Absolutely nothing. So maybe he is not yet inlove but for me he has already a crush for her. Before she could snap, Kaylan just moved to her seat in the back. Adrien smiled up at the moon as he thought of her. Rip her a new one, Aeon." Marinette would give him chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Now some fanart! : Wait no nevermind THIS is the … She's only human, after all. Just a Friend Aeon stepped forward, standing beside Marinette and facing at the French students. After a long year of drama involving school and Akuma attacks Marinette is finally ready for summer. Then they broke up and stayed as friends. (Remember in the Puppeteer 2 episode, he was beyond crushed when he thought Marinette didn't like him and tried everything to show her he was his friend). Princess in Training - More Than Just a Friend: Chapter 1 And these clips prove it! “Just a friend,” huh? Things Only Adults Notice In Miraculous: Tales Of … Why not give it a shot and see if you’re right. I am hoping, now that Marinette is guardian, she will have to know Adrien’s secret identity. And in "Gang of Secrets" Marinette said she didn't want Alya as a friend, but when they all made up, Alya stayed and still was Marinette's friend, EVEN when she told Alya she was Ladybug! Just make sure you don't slip up and call her m'lady at school or whatever cheesy thing you say" Plagg reminded him as he flew over to the bed and settled down on his pillow. Many were whispering hoping to get answers. "What about your friends?" marinette sing in front of class (fanmade) by bhobhbuihbiub adrien sing in front class (fan made ) by bhobhbuihbiub just a friend to u song : miraculous ladybug by bhobhbuihbiub He doesn't want to lose her as a friend. (Remember in the Puppeteer 2 episode, he was beyond crushed when he thought Marinette didn't like him and tried everything to show her he was his friend). Well, I don't hate Nino, but I don't LOVE Nino. Marinette x Adrien is pretty likely to happen considering how much she cares about Adrien - not just as a love interest, but as his friend. She Does Have Feelings For Him, There's Proof, Search It Up On Youtube, She Just Doesn't Know She Has Feelings For Cat Noir, Just Like Adrien When He Says, "Marinette Is Just A Friend...!" Hopefully, their relationship will progress from there. Like in "Ladybug" Alya was helping Marinette get back to school/un expelled. Her jealousy. It’s not in her nature to lie, so she won’t pretend to feel bad about it. Answer (1 of 9): Very interesting question. Book Two! I'm not just Ladybug's best friend, I'm also Sparrow's best friend!" Exactly! I don’t think so. He's just a friend! Mother said it's rude." Not until the one you love is already in a relationship, so don’t lose hope. Marinette Dupain-Cheng Adrien Agreste. And Luka needed Marinette's support in this episode but Marinette continued to lie to him. Sep 3, 2021 - Explore adrienette fan 's board "marinette is not "just a friend" to Adrien ", followed by 224 people on Pinterest. The class is deserted by the time the two girls get in there. Chat Noir ~HandClap 1 (aka 2) by Wolf_lover2009. It’s silent, almost painfully so. No matter how much Marinette has striven to endure the challenges set before her — not just as Ladybug, but in her day-to-day life — one can only shoulder so much before something has to give. My best friend: Marinette Dupain-Cheng. There are various reasons Character: 20% Marinette is a shy clumsy and awkward girl in high school though her behavior takes another turn when season 2 started. See more ideas about marinette, miraculous ladybug fanfiction, miraculous ladybug. Luka: But first. You might even be happy for a … Lila is a horrible person, there is no denying that and she would still have tried to destroy marinette for the sake of being important to Adrien. And after a brush with a butterfly, it's clear that following Adrien's idea of "the high road" isn't working out for her. Who lied to me." First of all, Marinette and Adrien have grown a bit closer, but Marinette still isn’t necessarily a super close friend. We’re getting there, but she still struggles to talk to Adrien, generally when it is romantic. That’s not a good basis for a relationship. Even if she's not your partner and you wind up falling for her, would it be the worst thing in the world? It’s fine Miss Bustier. Marinette was having a bad day. Look, I get that it’s a kids show, and that they want to teach good morales. But the fact is that Marinette can’t show any hint of negative emotion, because if she does, she might get akumatized. And yes, that does almost legitimize it, but Marinette is still a teen, a teen who is under a LOT of pressure. But also don’t be pushy. And now, I'm going to hurt them back. Why not give it a shot and see if you're right. "But Marinette is just a…" Plagg cut him off. "Just do what you want to do." Chloe use her father's political power, while Marinette use her sweetness and kindness. "My mind is made up! use it to upload your creations and download music from other artists. Not only because of his lack of social skills, but also because he really enjoy having friends, and especially being friends with her. By Claire Mulkerin / Jan. 22, 2021 3:25 pm EDT. "This isn't you Marinette. 9:55 p.m. _MarinetteIsLadybug_ added the project Ladybug And Chatnoir! And it was true. changing by aarnagautam1. * Marinette: Luka, I know this trick. If this is a trick, I'm gonna mad at you. "No. Exactly. Just start walking, I'll guide you. She screamed. Not only because of his lack of social skills, but also because he really enjoy having friends, and especially being friends with her. Adrienette Moments From S2 That Prove Marinette Is Not Just A Friend Our Editors Independently. Now some fanart! Sorry Marinette but you are not the only one who has a bad day. "My friends hurt me. Summary: When Chat Noir finds Marinette sighing over her failed love life, he decides to help her get the boy of her dreams. As Miraculous fans, we should be rooting for her 100% even if she does dumb things sometimes. The other sign is during stormy weather 2 with the possibility of Marinette having feeling for him. Muah muah! I'm always staying with Marinette in my life, and I want that Adrienette couple is forever^^. Marinette was emotionally cheating on Luka. It's getting annoying. Several times throughout the show, Marinette is shown to do something she … Yes fall asleep with each other! Who betrayed me. They way they're looking at each other! She said while tossing more things at him. *He cover her eyes. let Marinette sleep 2k21; Let Adrien sleep 2k21; Sleep deprivation catches up to you; pretty much pure crack; Pretty much pure fluffy fluff; alya is a good friend; nino is … New friends, new boyfriend, the summer couldn't get better. 5. They have been friends since pre-school, when they realize each other's penchant and love for manipulation. Marinette and Chloe have always been best friends. Personality: I know that my best friend, Marinette, loves Adrien, who is a boy in my class. Yes fall asleep with each other! … LADYBUG FANS 1 remix … Those claws were nasty, given the Akuma could use them from a distance. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends in the meantime. "I don't want to rip anything off of hers. I mean, my best BOY_FRIEND. It doesn’t encourage it. : Wait no nevermind THIS is the real ship: ^^. “Did you not just say to me that it would be great if Marinette is Ladybug? Adrienette adrien and marinette scenes s2 miraculous ladybug, it started out in 2007 and has one among the biggest communities of artists, music creators, bands and podcasters. Chapter Text. She cares for his well being, even if it's detrimental to her own goals with him. Your best friend totally freaks out and later tries to say that everything cool the girl said is … Lies. "That's great then. Even if she’s not your partner and you wind up falling for her, would it be the worst thing in the world? Alya walks over to the window, Marinette trails a few steps behind. So he had been right earlier. Muah muah! Adrien: does that mean you-Marinette: I’m not giving up on you Adrien. Just the ones who wronged me. Of course she would be a bully to the core! Even if she's not your partner and you wind up falling for her, would it be the worst thing in the world? 5/7/2021. "Incest is not what I'm into. Marinette and Lila would not have been friends, no matter if she got jealous or not. You might even be happy for a change." Answer (1 of 4): I am, quite honestly, not sure. *They both start walking. Luka: This is not a trick. Here's the proof. So here we go!Reason 21: She Acts Too Fast For Her Own DesiresHow many times has Marinette jumped straight into an action? See more ideas about miraculous, marinette, miraculous ladybug comic. Marinette ended up arriving just as the bell rang, not being counted as tardy and instead just rushing to her seat, giving a quick greeting to Alya before getting out her supplies. Starting with YOU! "Now be a man and fight back!" Nov 29, 2020 - Explore Maybe Tessa's board "Miraculous (MARINETTE IS NOT JUST A FRIEND)" on Pinterest. She should have known it was coming, really, it always did, and Hellspawn’s attack was just the start. They way they're looking at each other! let’s just dive right in: so one thing i have mentioned already is the fact that adrien acts around marinette in the same way chat noir acts around ladybug, except in a more subdued and unconscious way. Nothing can go wrong here. Teen Fiction. Imagine being Alya: There is an amazing new girl at school who has the same crush as your best friend. … "OK, she's definitely lying. "That Marinette something." Just a few, but I hope you aren't too disappointed. He hoped Marinette was alright. "But Marinette is just a…" Plagg cut him off. 9:55 p.m. _MarinetteIsLadybug_ added the project Revealing My Identny OoO 9:55 p.m. On May 1, 2021 *~Just a Friend to You {GIF AMV}~* by -Autumn_Spice-. A really good one!" Ms. Mendeleiev's, Marinette, Chloe, and Lila all walked to the principal's office with the rest of the class fallowing not far behind. "She's not ugly and she's just a friend," Chat said, fervently hoping he wasn't blushing. Everybody has their limits. Firstly, the show never encourages Marinette’s jealousy. "I'm the real deal! You've been doing this 1,000 times since we've been dating. It was hard to hear but Marinette caught only two words: Marinette: Okay. proof he likes marinette by bhobhbuihbiub. @arisu-artnfics hope you enjoy chapter 2! Many students yelled their input but Miss Bustier was not having any of it. Here's the proof. In …

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